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Update package – LOA server – 07.02.2018

We would like to kindly inform you about the implementation of the Closed Beta 1 LOA patch package including the following patches and supplements for gameplay (code version of 0.6.1b package). For a correct game, the beta client version 0.6.1 is still required:


– Allegiance system added (replaces former God system).
– Added Allegiance leaders in Pyros’ Landing and Helm for joining an Allegiance.
– Players in opposing factions are free from karma actions and guard protection between each other.
– Killing the opposing faction earns you Favor which can grant you special titles. You also lose Favor when being killed.


– PvP flag is now a Karma flag which completely stops you from performing any negative karma actions.
– Fixed losing karma when applying bandages to people with negative karma.
– Super guards will no longer opportunistically kill Outcasts. Regular town guards will still kill Outcasts on site.
– Healing your own pet no longer causes a loss of karma.
– Looting another players kill now triggers the conflict when appropriate.
– Recalling no longer causes you to lose karma.
– When a player loots your corpse and is slain by the Guards, you may loot their body freely.


– Beastmastery animals and monsters added to the game.
– Tameable animal difficulties balanced.
– Dead pets no longer count toward pet slots.
– Pet run speed increased.
– All pets will correctly go to the targeted location when commanding more than 1 pet to go to a location.
– Can no longer attempt to tame dead mobs.
– Animal Lore is now used alongside healing to calculate healing done when bandaging pets.


– Super guards have been replaced with an instant slay effect to prevent abuses in towns.
– Bug addresses which result in bugged characters at the creation screen.
– Secondary resources removed from all resource recipes (ingots, leathers, cloth etc).
– Fix weight limit check when dropping stackable items on an existing stack in a container.
– Increased bank weight limit from 1000 to 10000.
– Fixed banked spellbooks allowing spell casts.
– Double the amount of arrows you make per board.
– Can no longer be mounted in Sewer Dungeons.
– You now sit down when under the effect of a tinderbox.
– Hireling merchants should no longer go missing.

Ninja Fixes

– Pet damage now counts as the owner’s damage. (fixes karma loss for looting your pet kills)
– Fixed loosing karma for benefiting yourself as an outcast.
– Gatekeepers fixed since initial patch, they attack criminals on sight once again. 

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