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LOA server version 0.6.3 today.


I am eager to inform you that today at 22:00 we plan to launch new versions of the MoonGate server: Aria (0.6.3b). The current db of the game world – will be transferred from the server version 0.6.1.

With the launch of a new version of the server for logging in, a 0.6.3b game client will be available to download at

Edit: Due to the profound changes in the graphic specification of objects, some of them may lose colors as a result of the implementation of the new version of the server:

  • All pre-existing items will have color 0 (Black). Autofix script will fix all items on characters and in houses. World reset will fix non NoReset items. NoReset items must be fixed manually
  • Player autofix will also destroy all legacy gear and attempt to replace them with a semi equivalent in the new system 

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