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New road map and the Open Beta term

From yesterday, Citadel Studios, after consulting with beta-server administrators, has published a new road map with information on the planned date of the LOA Open Beta!

Open beta is a very important stage in any online game. Important because despite the fact that we are constantly working on many aspects and additions to the game, some issues related to this are still outside our reach. I mean feedback and bug reports on those elements of game mechanics in which massive and simultaneous cooperation of hundreds / thousands of players occurs.

Therefore, already in June this year, after two more large packages of amendments, we plan to enter the next phase of the project development, which will eventually be transformed into the Open Beta. We will then find ourselves at the point where we will begin to solve problems that can only be captured when large groups interact simultaneously. To streamline this process, we plan to simultaneously distribute the free trial keys of the game. This will allow – with the participation of the guild and their masters – to conduct several large tests, before putting our worlds in the vortex of a real open beta.

For July, Citadal Studios assumes the possibility of the final wipe with the transition to the Early Access stage. At that time, all people who supported the LoA project through Kickstarter and Founders will start their weekly headstart, which will be followed – officially – by the birth of the Celador World 🙂

We already know that the Steam platform will not be enabled for the early access phase. It is connected with the necessity of removing the maximum amount of errors before taking the opportunity offered by this stage. For this reason, the road map does not indicate the date of the Steam game launch, which will be undoubtedly a great marketing impulse. The term depends on what spring and summer bring. Although our common goal still remains the premiere of LoA yet this fall, because the premiere on Steam can not be repeated (and falstarty can be painful here :)) we must make sure that our common world is maximally attractive also for those fans of MMOs who have not heard about us before.

Along with the formal start of the game, we will begin the process of distributing prizes for our friends from Kickstarter and Founders, thanks to which the LoA project has become feasible. Furniture, pets, titles and virtual clothes are just some of the potential items that will be delivered to the players’ characters in thanksgiving for the confidence they have given to a handful of enthusiasts who have started working on the game years ago and thanks to which everything that we plan now is possible .

We believe that Aria will become a place where we will experience unforgettable moments. You are also welcome – now 🙂

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