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New version of server and game client

On 26.05.2018, the beta version 0.6.4 is required to log into the server.

Using the older version – prevents logging on to the server. Due to the above, please kindly update your version of the game to the required one.

Link to the client –

The main changes in this version:

  • Secure trading for items and houses.
  • World map via “M” key has been removed from players, but remains for gods. Map objects are now purchasable per region for players.
  • The client controls window now includes hotkeys for “Custom Action 1-5”. These will execute a client user command event on the player with the name “customAction[1-5]”. This was specifically added so you could still have a map hotkey since we removed it from the base game.
  • Player movement now cancels out any PathToTarget calls that are set on a player, instead of creating rubberbanding and server <-> client conflict. A PathingInterrupted event is sent back to lua when this happens.
  • Optimization pass on the server’s networking and message system. This reduces the number of modifications and copies that were happening at times on messages/packets. It also sets up memory pools for re-use of memory instead of new allocations. 
  • Aria script changes, optimizations, deletions, additions, and various updates. (See Gitlab for diffs, and publicly available patch notes)

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