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Update package – 17.01.2019 – a system of city loyalty, noble titles, mayors of cities and many more :)

We would like to kindly inform you that next Thursday – January 17, 2019 – between 8:30 and 9:00 am – there will be a technical break in the functioning of the UO MoonGate shard in order to implement the patch packet for server scripting.
We apologize for the inconvenience of a technical break and thank you for your understanding.
List of corrections:
– an advanced system of city reputation and loyalty was implemented on the Felucca continent. It provides many attractions, including the possibility of performing commercial transactions between cities (accepting orders for the purchase of products in cities and reselling them for profit in another city), obtaining noble titles within individual cities and even the option of being elected mayor. You can find more about the rules of the system – tutaj and here..
– tickets for addons will from now on keep the colors of the raw materials from which they were made, what’s more, they can be from now also be colored with natural dyes and Tokuno dyes. However, dyeing will not be possible after re-deedization of the object;
– the base direction of setting the addon relative to the player has been unified after using the addon ticket (of course with the possibility of trading if necessary);
– the coding responsible for signing (home information boards, etc.) has been remodeled, and the error revealed in this area has been removed, which may cause instability of the game server;
– Onslaught will no longer use mana during initial use and will no longer be subject to the cooldown mechanism – according to OSI / EA;
– the principles of rules responsible for the regeneration of objects have been modified, from now on it will take into account intensity consistent with EA / OSI;
– The Huntmaster Challenge will now correctly generate and possibly correct data on the start and start dates;
– discrepancies in the Jewelry Box mechanics have been removed – in relation to OSI rules;
– the Ultima Store module has been supplemented with a new item that can be selected – Hair and Beard Promotional Token, the categories assigned in the Store for Mystical Polymorph Totem have also been changed;
– the items previously available on OSI – Hapsichord, Codex of Virtue, Silver Sapling Replica, Ultima Banner, Buffet Table, Formal Dinning Table, Flaming Scarecrow, Enhanted Wheelbarrow, Enhanced Picnic Basket, Grinder, Valentinses Day Table Set, Potted Coffee Plant, Steam Powered Beverage Marker, Coffee Pod, Coffee Grounds, Mug of Hot Cocoa, Mug and Basket of Green Tea, Mug of Coffee – have been implemented, taking into account the use of these items as part of the systems operating on the system;
– an opportunity to acquire some of the components not yet falling in spoils has been implemented within Termur;
– Spellweaving group masters will now display correctly levels in the Masteries Book;
– fix the error resulting in the inability to automatically delete generated in the System VvV and for the moment unnecessary elements – which were incorrectly active in the game world;
– buying Animal Broker’s pet in the area of ​​the Magincia Bazaar will result in the loss of his bonded status from now on (if he was given a pet);
– the player vendor search module has been supplemented with the ability to search for special containers that are part of the character’s inventory;
– Evil Mage and Evil Mage Lord have been coded for missing sound effects;
– the Stat Reward window has been remodeled – the purpose of its fully correct display on the latest version of the game client.

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