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Lottery of spots at the market in New Magincia, re-bonuses on Felucca

In connection with the planned wider concentration of players’ interaction within the Felucca continent, as an additional aspect enriching this continent, we have today launched a lottery spot for shopping houses at the main target market in New Magincia. Lottery tickets can be purchased within the next 30 days. After the end of this period, the system will draw individual spots of houses among people who acquired tickets. Lottery tickets can be purchased separately for each spot, to increase your chances of a house within the market – what’s more you can buy them any amount on each spot, and thus increase your chances. The fate is acquired on the stone of the spots marked with the symbols Lot (number).

In addition, along with the tomorrow’s update package, racial bonuses that once worked on Felucci, including the amount of raw materials obtained on it, will be restored.

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