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Bedlam, Doom and Labirynth Dungeons already connected with Felucca

I am eager to inform you that today I am finishing work on the implementation of access to Bedlam, Doom and Labirynth Dungeons from the Felucca level.

1. Bedlam
The entrance to Bedlam dungeon is located in the old crypts to the east of the Yew gate. However, the ability to enter this dungeon is conditioned – as before – by performing several quests as described here, with the following modifications related to the planned exclusion of the Malas continent:
– NPC Aernya the Mistress of Admissions resides around the Yew cemetery
– NPC Gorrow the Mayor – lives in Nujelm
– unicorns, ki-rin and pixies were seen in the northern part of Felucca (Sacrifice shrines and surrounding forests);

The portal leading to the Labyrinth was located in the maze area south of Britain 🙂

3. Entrance to Doom was located within a bloody pentagram in the Council of Mages Stronghold on the island of Moonglow.

An updated map of Felucci can be found on our forum (map section)

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