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New houses, 32×32 stands, spot lottery in New Magincia and the closest plans


as you know, in recent weeks, significant updates have been implemented on our shard, enriching the interaction possibilities within the player community. In individual cities of Felucci on March 1 and then every quarter, the first mayors will be elected – they are selected from the players themselves declared as inhabitants of individual regions. The implemented system of loyalty, provides the possibility of a gradual increase in the position of players in individual cities and over time to obtain in them noble titles and other bonuses. The trade mechanics between the cities within this continent have also been launched. Your characters can now do trade missions by delivering products to specific cities. Additional opportunities within cities were also received by Guilds.

Elected mayors will receive specific powers to exercise jurisdiction in their area. They will also decide who to give the honorable name of the citizen of the city in which they perform the function. The implemented changes fit in perfectly with the existing Virtue vs Valor system (ie new factions).

We are also working on creating a large market within New Magincia. From yesterday, it is possible to participate in the lottery by purchasing tickets entitling you to get land for a house in this location. Lots can be purchased separately for each spot to increase your chances of a house within the market. Places are divided into places where you can buy an unlimited number of tickets (to increase your chances in this way) and for those where each account in the game can buy only one lottery ticket. The fate is acquired on the stone of the spots marked with the symbols Lot (number). The draw will be made automatically in 29 days and the lucky ones will receive a piece of land for their own store. In addition, within Magincia, you can participate in regular auctions of renting land for smaller shopping stalls.

Today, the server has received a huge update providing access to completely new cast and keep projects. It will also be possible to have an extremely large base for a 32×32 house. This is our special gift in the guild of the Guild and especially ambitious among you, wanting to create your own house / palace or fortress as the new era.

As you know, the deadline for the Malas closing survey is expiring now. We recognized, as indeed many of the players in the world, that Malas and located within it, Luna was a peculiar nail to the UO coffin, depopulating the wonderful continent of Felucca. We want to change this and we are happy with the positive response to this proposal. In the next two weeks, our GMs will help you in moving entire homes to new locations – for this purpose, I activated a special command to move the whole house with full equipment. If you want to use this form of help, please contact the coordinating topic Shiryu. After this time points located in Malas will disappear from the lists of public moongates as possible destination points of travel.

However, extinguishing Malas will not mean losing all of the continent’s content. Players will still be provided with access to such places as Doom, Bedlam or Labyrinth. Within the Felucca continent there are points leading to them, which we will carry on the public map after completion of works.

Today’s update also includes a number of other patches and modifications that are intended to make the game more attractive. All the former racial bonuses functioning on it once again became active on Felucca, including a bonus for obtaining raw materials. Innocent players who do not already have the Young status will still be able to go through the public gate to the New Haven area to meet new residents and encourage them to play together, for example in their Guild.

The principles of traveling between different continents have also been remodeled. Movement of the players’ characters between two different continents will take place from now on using public  moongates. The change does not affect the current rules of traveling within the space of individual continents. This change gives new meaning to these types of gates, making them important strategic points because the journey from continent A to continent B, bypassing the passage through such a gate will be impossible from now (bows to the collectors toll from 1998-2000 on Catskills: D).

Finally, one more information – still in the month of February, we plan to transfer the infrastructure of all our servers on Windows Server 2019. This possibility is the effect of your willingness to support our project and payments that provide the opportunity to achieve our goals – for which we thank you very much 🙂

A full list of today’s changes below:
– the server has implemented the possibility of having completely new and modernized fortresses / castles projects (through the use of house tool) – introduced to the rules of the game – latest publish 101 and 103 Time of Legends add-on. Some objects are even more expensive than the previous castles :).  Initial service of superfundaments of custom houses with sizes up to 32×32 has also been implemented. Presentation of project dumps of new buildings under links: here i – here.
– all bonuses of races functioning once within Felucca have been restored – including bonuses to the amount of raw materials extracted on this continent – more here
– players with the status of innocent (blue) will now be able to move to New Haven through public gates even if they have already lost their Young status, and if they log out in this area they will not be thrown out of the region but only moved to the nearest Moongate leading to other lands. The introduced change is to facilitate the contact of older players with young juveniles, enabling veterans to reach the starting area for the first interaction with younger inexperienced friends :);
– Movement of players’ characters between two different continents will take place from now on using public moongates. The change does not affect the current rules of traveling within the space of individual continents;
– within the Nowa Magincia market, the automatic redoing of lotteries into shopping center slots has been activated;
– a new location was established for the public moongates in Zento (749, 1087, 23 – north of Zento) and Royal City in Termur (920, 3650, -43 – southeast of the city), thus all moongates except for the extinguish Luna are currently located outside the urban zone;
– the Phoenix Armor rare armor has been implemented;
– the area coverage of the Thunderstorm spell effect from the Spellweaving school has been increased;
– leather shoes can now be dyed with a leather dye tub;
– furniture will now be possible to color using natural dyes as part of Basket Weaving;
– your Focus ability will now have an impact on player mana regeneration;
– errors revealed in the mechanics of updating the properties / enhancement of objects used in the implementation of BOD have been removed, a real-time control mechanism in the course of BOD was introduced;
– Dr. Spector Lenses will now be able to be colored using Tokuno dyes;
– some of the answers to the questions appearing in the Quest of Singularity have been correctly corrected;
– adjusted for OSI compliant HABToken graphics in the UOStore module;
– revealed irregularities with the attribution of rights to loot in the case of groups of players;
– the coding responsible for the active buff bar has been supplemented with the missing Caddelite Infused effect;
– Dread Horse has been given missing protection parameters against injury;
– the colors of some objects obtained through quests have been corrected;
– adding powder of fortyfing to keg in the correct way will now result in calculating the correct sum of use units;
– the error resulting in the loops mechanics responsible for the disappearance of abandoned objects (and spoils) – which resulted in unnecessary use of the game server resources;
– revealed errors in the functioning of Harpsichor and Flamingscarecrow;
– the small BOD chefs from now on will also include exceptional formulas;
– the error resulting in the transfer of some hunting trophies to the internal map has been removed;
– the revealed error in accessing the peerless zones using master keys was removed ;
– the revealed error in coding Fists of Fury masteries that could result in instability of the game server was removed ;
– the world of the game has been enriched with previously non-existent items – Valentine Bear, Cupid Statue, Heart Shaped Box, Valentine Chocolate.

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