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Experimental 0.8.7 server package implemented

Today, 25.05.2019, our server received an experimental version of the coding of the Celador world marked with the symbol 0.8.7. It includes the next package of extensions and fixes according to the list below

To test on experimental, make sure you run the “Legends of Aria Launcher Experimental” from the Start Menu. Check the version on the bottom right of the launcher window before hitting the “Launch” button.

Old magic has begun to awaken in the world of New Celador and with it colossals have begun to roam the world once more.

– New PvE encounter that operates like mini-awakenings.
– All colossals have stages of combat that are triggered when they reach 60% and 30% remaining health.
– Currently spawn just outside Freeman Quarry (for testing purposes)
– Colossal: Medeina (Goddess of Wolves)
– – – Summons enraged dire wolves to aide her during combat.
– Colossal: Misha (Dire Den Mother)
– – – Summons enraged dire bears to aide her during combat.
*Loot tables are not finalized, we are only testing the encounters at this time.

Guild Wars

– The Guild window now has a new tab for Guild Wars where you can declare war on guilds, accept incoming war declarations, and check on the progress of current wars.
– Guilds are allowed to have up to five outstanding declarations and/or wars at one time.
– Only guild officers can declare war, accept declarations, or surrender.
– – – Guild officers have 24 hours to respond to incoming war declarations.
– War declarations can have a 24 hour, 7 day or 30 day duration.
– – – For experimental testing, war declarations have a 1 minute, 30 minute, or 1 hour duration.
– Once an incoming war declaration is accepted, the war begins! Guild members will see a “Guild War Icon” on enemy guild members.
– Guild officers on either side can surrender and immediately end the war.
***You can now loot players you are in a guild war with correctly.
***You can no longer surrender a guild war that has ended.

The ability to grow ingredients for cooking has been added:

– Plants can be grown from seeds and the player must monitor the soil moisture level each day.
– Four plant containers added: pot, small raised bed, medium raised bed, and large raised bed which are craftable by carpenters.
– Seeds for planting are harvested from various monster/animal corpses, those with seed diets.
– Plants have three actions that can be performed:
– – – Water: uses a full waterskin from your inventory to increase the soil moisture.
– – – Gather: gathers all fruits from the plant and empties the plant container.
– – – Empty: destroys the plant and discards all fruit and resets the soil moisture level.
– Double clicking a plant container, that has a plant in it, with automatically water the plant.
– Plants that are too dry or too wet will not grow properly.
– Seeds do not stack by design.
*Gardening is accelerated on the experimental server so plants will grow in minutes instead of days.
***Added colliders to all gardening containers.

Karma Reprieve

– A new face has appeared in Belhaven who will grant Chaotic and Outcast characters the chance to be Innocent again.
***After reprieve, the character will become innocent and have the opportunity to work off their “karma debt”, which can be seen in the character window.
***Dropping into negative karma will end the reprieve and revert your karma value to the remainder of your debt.
– A character will only be given this chance once, and this opportunity will only be offered for a limited time.


– Ebris added as the third Allegiance.
– Ebris recruiter added to Eldeir.
– Ranking system updated(continued)
—- Allegiance Players take a portion of the enemy’s rank on kill, based on the highest damage dealer to the victim. The higher the rank of the victim, the higher the reward.
—- Allegiance members are ranked within their own Allegiance, relative to their peers based on their standing and percentile.
– – – Rank 7: Standing 1
– – – Rank 6: Standing 5 or less
– – – Rank 5: > 70%
– – – Rank 4: > 50%
– – – Rank 3: > 30%
– – – Rank 2: > 10%
– – – Rank 1 requirement is met as long as you are an active participant.
–Rankings are calculated when servers come up, on a daily basis.
–Highest ranking member of each Allegiance is featured in the UI, as well as visually distinguished in game.
–Various countermeasures are in place to prevent abuse of the rank system.
– Allegiance Cleansing event added:
–This event is active for a set amount of time.
–Spirits spawn continuously throughout the duration of the event.
–Compete against enemy Allegiance members to search the event area for Spirits to subdue.
–Players earn Allegiance currency for contribution to the objective.
– Allegiance King of the Hill event added:
–Players fight for dominance to control a small area for a period of time.
–The Allegiance with the most cumulative control points controls the hill.
–Points are earned when there is only one contesting Allegiance.
–The more players on the hill, the more objective credit earned.
–Players earn a slow trickle of Allegiance currency while they are earning objective credit for their Allegiance.
***Players now earn 3 Allegiance currency every 5 seconds while inside an uncontested hill instead of just 1.
– When an event becomes active, Allegiance players will be notified via a broadcast and map marker.
***A warning that an event is about to start will also be broadcasted 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.
***Allegiance UI window now displays the time until the next event starts.
***Players inside an active Allegiance event area will now see an event scoreboard overlay containing a description, each team’s point total, and time remaining.
– Players earn Allegiance currency by participating in these events.
– Events periodically activate at several predetermined points of interest:
– – – Pyros Outskirts
– – – Valus Outskirts
– – – Helm Mine
– – – Everdale Farms
– – – Grim’s Cove
– – – Fremen Quarry
– – – Central Black Forest
– – – Scaled Path
–King of the Hill
– – – Eldeir Village
– – – Pyros Landing
– – – Helm Lighthouse
– Rewards may be purchased with Allegiance currency in Belhaven, but require rank to use. Access to these rewards rotates between Allegiances based on event victories.
— Added one reward for each of the 7 ranks.
— Allegiance currency and rewards are blessed and do not drop on death.
— Rewards include useful utility-based consumables, wearable and decorative cosmetics, and mounts.
– Allegiance chat added.
***Allegiance players may once again use any portal.
– Titles added for each rank of each Allegiance.
***New visuals added for Allegiance cloaks.
***Earning Allegiance currency from events will no longer automatically open your backpack.
***The Thread of Weightlessness effect now persists through logout and traveling across regions.
***Reward costs are currently set for testing purposes and will be adjusted after testing. Event schedules have been updated to be closer to their intended values for live servers.

Additional Cooking Fixes

– All previously cooked food is still edible
– Cooked food does stack
– Cooking pot can now be dragged more easily
– Cooked food now shares the appearance of the primary ingredient used (one with highest stat increase).

Other Bug Fixes & Enhancements

– Fixed guild list not refreshing when new guilds are added.
– Fixed guild wars kills not being counted and showing up on the War Details page.
– Fixed issues with client crashing when gardening pots are placed.
– Fixed an issue where stacking items in your backpack makes it so you can’t pick anything else up.
– Can no longer use healing potions when affected by Mortal Strike.
– Added a Gardening icon to the crafting window.
– Fixed texture issues on healing shrine and harpies.
– Guild wars icons now appear on the correct players.
– Fixed not being able to drag a cooking pot.
– Fixed issue with your character being invisible as a ghost.
– Fixed issue where less than 1 damage could sometimes cause no damage.
– Fixed issue with forced self resurrection.
– Larger objects on plots can no longer be placed/moved to over edge of plot boundary.
– Larger objects on plots can no longer be placed/moved into other larger objects.
– Chests can now be unpacked directly onto tables.
***Chests and tables should appear in the crafting menu again.
***Items which buff carrying capacity now correctly do so.
***Added mending potions to the potions test container.
***Fixed shrine not clearing that you have visited in some situations.
***Added a button to skip the launcher hash check.
***Fixed an issue with target highlighting not displaying the correct color.
***Fixed a bug causing poison spell damage not to be affected by the Power stat.
***Dungeon chests should spawn more consistently now.
***Button Mushrooms are now cookable, as intended.
***Using the “Cook All” function on a cooking pot will no longer stall when cooking fails.
***Filling a waterskin will now be interrupted by movement and performing actions. 

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