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Update package – 14.06.2019

We are pleased to announce that this Friday – on 14/06/2019 – between 10:00 and 10:30 – there will be a technical break in the functioning of the UO MoonGate shard to implement the patch packet for server scripting.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The list of patches/changes:

– Shadowguard Instance and Controller are available for a players again;
– Honesty System Functional Enhancement;
– Imbuing reconfiguration (now imbuing works with current official UO rules);
– latest EA Housing Contest Houses was implemented, also implemented a method to auto-add all of the house teleporters/doors according to the multi component list;
– Runic Reforging options/runic kit will now remove the proper named prefix/suffix per EA;
– Bumped horned/barbed runic kits to the higher end intensity roll. These seem to jive with most tests on EA;
– Reforging minimum intensity for named properties no longer go from the tables, they are 75% of max. This seems to hold up on all EA tests;
– Crafting items that use all resources now only consume 1 on fail. Successful craft will also send a spell gain check for each item crafted;
– fightmode ranking will always choose a pet over a player in the even of a tie
– fixed issue wehre dread horn was moving stats to 1 if they were too Low;
– added 1 more core mod for object property list stacking. Thanks EA for this, but we finally it close to EA;
– fixed skill gain method for stacked craftables;
– added skill gain amount to Region.cs. This will enable shard owners to modify skill gain amount enhancement in regions;
– Serpents Jawbone gump was fixed;
– Orc Helm now gives 3% inherent LMC;
– Animal Taming Masteries can no longer be used on Despise Creatures;
– Mage Armor Conversion now enabled for artifacts;
– Despise creatures now raise resists as they level up;
– Despise creatures should now properly discord (those that discord);
– enabled damage reflection for executioners (%100) and Shadowguard pirates (37%);
– reduced shadowguard pirate skills, hopefully they become easier bardable;
– Shadowguard apple trees now only produce 1 apple, per EA;
– increased bump chances of Shadowguard Greater Dragon;
– added weight propery to Hunt trophies (not item weight, but weight when hunted);
– added proper weapon abilities to saber toohted tiger;
– stat offset for buffs/curses now use math ceiling;
– fixed issue where LOS was returning false from stacked containers in houses with roof;
– Undertakers Staff got 255/255 durability now;
– potential base house crash fixed;
– interior decorator now raises/lowers banners;
– Succubus no longer does life leech attack to females;
– Caddellite can now be applied while enhancing given the correct conditions;
– Shadowguard bottles no longer reflect damage from pirates;
– fix an issue where a spoofed packet could allow one player to modify another player’s profile;
– fixed sound in reward gumps;
– barrel parts can now be crafted exceptional;
– fixed incorrect body value for Abyssal Abomination;
– Shadowguard Orchard Encounter Apples now behave correctly;
– subsequent tames on creatures no longer lower its skill caps;
– fixed improper property placement on some of the blackthorn items;
– fixed incorrect shame crystal message;
– Discordance now expires on dead pets;
– Lightning Strike now gains (although slow) to 120;
– fixed the way runic reforging mods are picked. They now pick from the list of possibles and always scale, ie by 10’s for luck;
– subsequent tames no longer lose stats, per EA;
– certain items show exceptional chance in craft gump;
– added durability bonus to OPL for armor/weapons;
– summoned creatures now attack pets properly;
– guarding pets will now break attack when focus target is hidden;
– fixed issue where wild creatures were attacking eachother;
– Community Collections Fixs: fixed issue where any level tmap would be accepted, lobsters/crabs now are differentiated, now accept commodity deeds;
– insured property now aligns in the proper list spot;
– added proper craft chances for distillery;
– added “guild” command to open guild gump;
– secure settings for Guild now per EA, where it has to be owner of the house, and must be at least a member of the Guild;
– fixed issue with lower requirements and durability not counting as properties;
– fixed issue where anyone could removed items from a secured mailbox;
– Underwater region was fixed.

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