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Early Access Hotfix – June 14th, 2019

Balance Changes

  • Tamed pets may now only die 5 times before they are permanently destroyed. Remaining lives are indicated in the pet’s title as follows:
    • 4 lives: Winded
    • 3 lives: Weary
    • 2 lives: Tired
    • 1 life: Exhausted
  • Pet Balance
    • Wyverns have been returned to a chance based spawn rate (approximately 1 per hour)
    • Other tameables have been buffed to afford tamers alternative and a diverse creature selection
    • Individual creatures changes:
      • Wyvern damage decreased by 25%
      • Wyvern health increased by 30%
      • Wyvern armor increased by 9%
      • Dread damage increased by 43%
      • Dread HP increased by 50%
      • Huntress/Hunter now require 2 slots instead of 4
      • Dire Wolf attack increased by 66%
      • Dire Wolf health increased by 120%
      • Dire Wolf armor increased by 9%
      • Emperor Scorpion attack decreased by 25%
      • Emperor Scorpion health increased by 66%
      • Emperor Scorpion armor increased by 40%
      • Dire Bear attack decreased by 33%
      • Dire Bear health increased by 488% (rawr)
      • Dire Bear armor increased by 64%
  • Stun Strike now requires Heavy or Light Armor proficiency in addition to existing requirements.
  • Hamstring now requires Heavy or Light Armor proficiency in addition to existing requirements.
  • The following skills have had their gain rates decreased:
    • Animal Taming
    • Animal Lore
    • Blacksmithing
    • Woodsmithing
    • Fabrication

Miscellaneous Hotfixes

  • Fixed Spellchamber sometimes breaking your ability to cast certain spells.
  • Changed drop rate of colossal maps from treasure chests.
  • Items created in backpacks should now correctly update stack counts in their tooltips.
  • Fixed movement speed modifiers not affecting pets.
  • Fixed tree animations not resetting after respawning.
  • Fixed issue where plant soil would also dry out regardless if the plant grew or not.
  • Fixed plants growing too quickly because they didn’t check last grown timestamp.
  • Fixed an issue with in-game items changing to unintended color hues.

Allegiance Hotfixes

  • Allegiance King of the Hill events now rewards 2 salt every 5 seconds to controlling team members within 100 units of the flag who are rank 2 or higher.
  • Allegiance reward costs for cloaks, mounts, and godly weapon scrolls have been increased to account for increased salt income.
  • Salt weight reduced by one half.
  • Fixed a bug causing Allegiance event scoreboards to persist when changing regions while standing in an event area.
  • Earning score in the King of the Hill Allegiance event will now deduct score from other teams so that the hill is easier to flip.
  • Fixed a bug causing Allegiance chat to display incorrect ranks.
  • Increased the durability of Allegiance mount statues.

Sound Hotfixes

  • Fixed a bug where a burst sound of login music played when entering the map from login scene and a login scene sound is muted.
  • Fixed upper plains night music bug, night and day music now properly play at the right time of the day.
  • Fixed ambiences not looping properly in brace mines, caves, pirates grotto, ruin and vale of belhaven.
  • Added filter for outside ambience when entering pubs (will be extended to work in all indoor settings).
  • Fixed weapon impact sound not playing.

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