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Update package – 03.08.2019

We are pleased to announce that today we have received another package of patches and updates on our server. Despite the holidays, we do not forget about the development of our shared world 🙂

Morning patchnotes include:

– ship & galleon recoding;
– Tiller Man has menus for ship repair now;
– the boat has a state of health;
– ship gump fixes;
– fixes for galleon hold, it’s not updating properly;
– all classic ships have a hold capacity of 400 stones now;
– fixed Professional Fisher Quest container bug;
– the squared welcome mat was in the wrong order when created. This has been fixed.
– a dyed Juka Bow could be enhanced over and over again with gears to pick slayer type. This has been fixed now;
– fixes multiple issues with Whips: can now be imbued/reforged, use the correct specials, have the correct itemi ds and names, and can be correctly used by gargoyles;
– Virtue Shield can now be repaired;
– Seasonal Event – Treasures of Khaldun and Going Gumshoe Quest was updated;
– the wrong durability property message on equipment was fixed;
– tons of cleanup and some bug fixes.

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