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Update package – 13.08.2019

We would like to kindly inform you that next fix pack has been released today. Their list below:

  • Added durability tooltips to Allegiance mounts.
  • Skills are now rewarded at the end of fighter intro to evaluate equipped weapon more appropriately.
  • Bards may only be tipped by patrons within a distance of 10m.
  • Items placed for sale on a plot, which are not in a container, will now properly increase the plot sold items count.
  • Quests now give info text, play a sound, and a visual effect when they update.
  • Performing an action, such as equipping a new bow, will now cause “Auto Fire Arrow” to stop.
  • Bow “E” ability “Auto Fire Arrow” can now be toggled on/off by pressing “E” again.
  • Fixed issue with some with enchanting table allowing some enchants to be applied to invalid items.
  • Fixed bug that was causing player merchants to list items incorrectly.
  • The Void Channeler in Catacombs no longer fights with Void Mages.
  • Fixed issue with splitting items in containers set for sale.
  • Replaced Etherealize inscription recipe with Summon Mount recipe.
  • Renamed the Void Shadow required for the Grandmaster Mage profession to Greater Void Shadow to avoid confusion with the Void Shadows in Death’s throne room.
  • Songs should now properly affect “friendly” player pets.  Area of effect and targeted riddles will no longer affect “friendly” player pets.
  • Starting gold now stacks with other gold.
  • Orcish Cleaver now spawns with appropriate properties.
  • Corrected Dark Lord (Rare Demon) loot.
  • Players are no longer able to use “Fire Arrow” ability on protected players.
  • Fixed issue with Helm/Pyro’s Landing sewers exiting and releasing corpses to wrong locations.
  • Fixed negative karma players being able to loot kills that aren’t theirs in protected areas.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Begin Task” button to show up even when players didn’t meet skill requirements.
  • Profession Tome tooltips updated to more accurately reflect their usage.
  • Fixed the appearance of Journeyman Rogue Tomes.
  • Lockpicking is now trainable by Eldeir Village tinkerer.
  • The Healing introduction quest now automatically starts during Mage and Fighter profession introduction quests.
  • The Skinning introduction quest now automatically starts during Tailor and Chef profession introduction quests.
  • Players are now granted 30 skill in the appropriate skills at the start of profession introduction quests instead of at the end.
  • Brawling added to fighter professions.
  • Improved instructions for Master Fighter, Master, and Rogue professions steps.
  • Changed the text color of some info messages.
  • Stat gains now show in the chat log.
  • Blood required for Apprentice Alchemist reduced to 10.
  • Fixed bug where damage enchants and properties were using an incorrect damage calculation.

Coming soon in today’s client update:

  • Added the Ambience Volume slider to the Audio Settings.
  • Fixed the Catacombs sounds not being heard away from the spawn.
  • Fixed invisible textures for wolves and coyotes.

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