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Update package – 31.10.2019

We are pleased to announce that today – between 11:20 and 11:30 – there will be a technical shutdown in the functioning of the MoonGate UO shard to implement a patch package for server scripting.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The fix list :

– copper shiprelief code was fixed;
– set Mutate Action helper function to the craft system was added. Enables people to set a callback action to mutate an individual craft entry without needing to modify the type;
– Gardener Vendor and Gardening Contract added;
– Plant System was updated;
– player vendor gump (add deposite and vendor search options) was addes;
– hoe was fixed and Magincia Plant System fixes was implemented;
– gave Spinning Hourglass proper label, and inherits IFlipable for use with house deco tool;
– removed redundant On Craft from Garg Plate Arms;
– Travesty now restores body prior to death;
– added Britannian Ship to Fisherman collection Mobiles;
– hides should now be cut properly using special tools;
– deleting items in a house region will now properly reflect houses lockdowns/secures;
– Hit Dispel now properly counts as a hit spell property on weapons, removing remote chance this and another hit spell would appear;
– All Objectives property set to false in Mondains Quests (Custom) will now work properly with obtain quest objectives;
– fixed crash from stinking cauldron;
– Commission Player Vendor was added.

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