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Verification of parcel status in New Magincia

I would like to kindly inform you that next weekend the activity status of players with houses in New Magincia will be verified. In particular, this applies (but not only) to people who acquired plots of land, erected foundations, and then did not start building a house on it. We ask that each of the building owners in this city – by Sunday, 8/12/2019 – put at least one floor of the house and locate at least one vendor offering goods in it.

It will be a signal for us that the plot is in the possession of the active player. In the event of a negative verification, the lot with the object located on it will go to the auction in which all currently active players will be able to participate.

The above is associated with the need to clean up the city area, by removing the real estate of players who do not use them – which will allow the city to be given the status of the main trading point of Sosaria in the future (the location of dead plots prevents these plans)

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