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Luck and Loot Systems Revamp

We have a holiday ahead of us and with their immediate start we have prepared a surprise for you 🙂 Along with tomorrow, the Loot and Luck Systems Revamp will be implemented on our server which will ultimately make them more attractive to you.
As a consequence of the changes introduced, among others:

  • the scale of minimum and maximum saturation of items in loot (magic items) will be significantly increased, which means that the minimum and maximum levels of their potential will now be higher;
  • the chance for highly enchanted items in the loot to drop out will be greatly increased;
  • the chance for the artifact, decors, etc. from the bosses will be increased three times;
  • the chance to obtain artifacts from paragons will be increased three times;
  • the chance to get powerscrolls (PS 120, PS 115 and PS 110) within the champions rewards will be increased three times;
  • the time periods between the activation of champions in Felucca dungeons and in Lost Lands will be shortened. The timer for each spawn will still be set randomly, with its maximum time period set to 12 hours for Felucca dungeons and 24 hours for Lost Lands;
  • as a result of remodeling the Luck System, this attribute will have a much greater impact on all related aspects of the game.

The changes will be introduced to the server tomorrow at 10.00 CET.

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