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Camping Revamp, Outposts, Jolly Roger Event, shrine battles and more

Along with today, our server has received a number of further modifications, which are intended to activate the somewhat forgotten by the creators of Ultima skill camping, to make game more attractive in other aspects, as well as to implement fixes to some previously disclosed bugs.

The first change introduced is the modification of the coding responsible for the ability to create camps along with the new functionality of posts.

Camping has always been a poorly used skill in UO, and the purpose of change is to make this ability more useful. To achieve this effect, new bonuses have been added as part of the bonfire lighting itself, and post zones have been introduced that Gams Masters will be able to locate around the world (this will take place at selected points in individual continents in the coming days) so that qualified campers can find and improve them for the benefit of You and other Players.

Among the main functionalities of the new system you will find:

1) Camper Maps: these are items that will allow campers to mark the location of camps / outposts that you can return to later;

2) Improved bonfires: at level 70+ camping ability the Player will be able to improve the camp site, which will allow other people who enter this area to get a temporary improvement in statistics;

3) Outposts: these are upgradeable camps that Game Masters will be able to place around the world in specific locations. Initially, they have the status of “abandoned” and look like extinguished areas of fire. A Player with the 50+ camping ability will be able to light a fire and set up an outpost in such a place. As a consequence, it will be possible to use specific options that other Players will also be able to use.

As part of established posts it will be possible to:

  • marking their location (50+ camping) – mark the camper’s map to be able to return to the location later;
  • adding a tent (70+ camping) – this allows Players who are within the range of the camp effect to log out safely;
  • adding a temple (90+ camping) – adds ankh, which will allow Players to resurrect;
  • adding a cache (100 camping) – adds a chest that will allow Players to access their bank.

Posts remain for two hours and then go into “decay” status and return to “abandoned” status. After the server is reset, posts will also return to “abandoned” status.

Another functionality implemented on the server is the seasonal, automatic event Jolly Roger, associated with the Fellowship event. It is a completely new adventure as a result of which the Shrine Battles mechanism has also been implemented on WarCry. This event was implemented on OSI as part of Publish 107 and our shard is the first in Poland (and one of the first in the world) for which it has been fully activated.

We don’t want to spoil your fun and share spoilers revealing all its nuances, but we encourage you to acquire basic knowledge about it at this link. For the purpose of activating the event, Jolly Roger has also been modified and made available again the Event The Fellowship in the Blackthorn Dungeon.

Another change introduced includes the functionality of the Arcane Circle spell, which until now required the cooperation of a group of Players. To meet your requests, however, we have slightly modified the code of this spell, as a consequence of which some creatures will also be included in the number of participants. It will also solve the problem of having to manually place the ghost-haunted Pixie at Brit Bank ?

Other changes implemented today include:

  • Bone Crusher should now work properly;
  • Scrappers should now have a chance to add 3 properties at 120 magery;
  • Players can now heal Vollem’s from the crystal with bandages;
  • fixed snow tree/trunk id’s and z offset;
  • dagger from Fabrizio quest should now deleted when quest is complete;
  • fixed exploit with auto-stabling pets. Basically, added a stable count check for auto stable;
  • luck can now be inc/dec by 1 for imbuing (10 for loot);
  • various code removed that was using checks we no longer need.

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