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Caravans, losing durability modification, pack of changes and fixes

In recent days, individual elements of the mechanism of our next proprietary add-on – Caravan System – have been implemented on our server.

Caravans are the Merchants’ Guild’s response to the increasing gold demand associated with the trading of power scrolls, casinos turnover and more.

Security concerns related to the repeated – more and more often – invasions by the Army of Evil Champions on the cities forced smaller banks to store their main gold holdings in Sosaria’s central bank, located in the safest city – the capital of the country – Britain.

Transporting such an amount of gold, as well as often – special items – is associated with the risk of encountering robbers and all kinds of monsters, looking for a quick way to get rich. Therefore, the banks entered into an agreement with the Merchants’ Guild, which hired numerous groups of soldiers whose only meaning in life is to carry out – at all costs – the mission entrusted to them. This time, this mission is to escort caravans from the original point to the destination point.

In the game world, you will be able to find caravans with gold, traveling from different cities of the game world to the bank in Britain. Each caravan can be exported by different mercenaries and a boss.

You can, of course, ignore the encountered Caravan and just let it go on. However, you can also attack her in order to get a deposit that the Boss has with him.

Caravans themselves will not attack players unless their karma is negative or they do not have criminal status. However, attacking the Chief Boss always grants this status, and killing the escorts significantly reduces the character’s karma.

Other changes and fixes:

  • lowered the chance of losing the strength of armor and shields by 1/4 (does not apply to items with the negative antique parameter);
  • fixed an exploit with the Hawkwinds quest for skill mastery where players could compete for an almost unlimited amount;
  • fixed an issue where Rental contracts – when they expired correctly – deposited too much gold;
  • fixed several reputation issues in relation to hiding an ally on continents with Felucca rules;
  • fixed recipe book exploit;
  • fixed an exploit where cutting cloth gargoyle armor resulted in leather gain;
  • Aegis of Grace can now be worn by humans;
  • Healing Potions now take into account the two-second healing time of Healing Stones and will adequately reduce the consumption effect while healing on the Healing Stone;
  • gargoyle cloth armor can no longer be crafted from leather resources;
  • gargoyle cloth armor will now only return material when cut with scissors;
  • gargoyles can now carry Detective ID Cards;
  • gargish talons have been added to the list of equipment available only to gargoyles. The mechanics of their verification by race have also been reorganized;
  • monsters with a Mage / Necromancer AI will now attempt to cast Conduit;
  • bulletin boards will now be colored in the resources used to craft them;
  • the list of mystical / magic properties under reforgement will no longer include the lower reagent cost option according to EA. The intelligence bonus option has been added;
  • Spirit Speak now reveals the character who used this ability.

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