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New WarCry Core, Artisan Festival, UO 23 years Giftgiving and large update package

Today’s update is the result of intensive work that we have been carrying out over the last 3 weeks in cooperation with our friends from Heritage.

Apart from a whole range of changes and updates, the package being implemented also includes a thorough reconstruction of our server’s sources along with its kernel and adaptation to such key changes of all proprietary / additional systems we support.

The implemented numerous changes in the code are another, milestone step towards the full transition of our server to NET Core, which translates into a significant improvement in its operation using the possibilities provided by the Windows Server 2019 platform, including changes in the disclosed Windows Server Next Previev 20201.

During the work, we strived to fully adapt all our files to the adopted new solutions. Let me remind you here that WarCry is a kind of compilation of the current and inherited coding from previous server releases (based on RunUO and JustUO). We had to verify all these elements and adapt them to the version of the server we offer you today. And I can say with full responsibility that in the world, only a few worlds are as close to the official servers today as we are, and at the same time, probably no server, contains so many additional systems that have found your approval.

Therefore, following the blow, in addition to the already announced key change, which translates into, among others, significant optimization of resources used by the server while improving its functionality, we are implementing today a rich set of changes and novelties, including the Festival of Artists, souvenirs for 23 years of UO, updating the mechanics of granting items in the loot with magical properties (after analysis of this aspect at EA), updating the quests available in the game to the latest publications, expected changes in the operation of explosive potions or some specials (e.g. Tiger Form).

I encourage you to read the list of changes below and please report any irregularities related to the new server kernel. We take into account that such numerous and wide changes, affecting many aspects of the game world, will also require deeper analysis (testing) in the production environment. Therefore, we ask for your vigilance and a feedback in case of encountering any problems that our crews might have missed during the work phase on the test server.


  • completely rebuilt new server kernel with new compilation mechanism was implemented. The change has a very positive impact on a number of aspects of the game world (significantly improving the performance of tasks by the server). Please send any comments regarding possible problems after implementing the new kernel to our forum;
  • all existing proprietary (additional) systems on the shard were adapted to the new server kernel and the new compilation mechanism;
  • fixed exploit with Mysterious Wisp outside dungeon Despise. It now works according to EA;
  • Artisan Festival was implemented (start at 1st December per EA) which gives all Players 3 months to prepare their characters and the cities they manage 🙂
    More information about the Festival can be found here.
  • shard Seasons System was slightly rewrited;
  • fixed the loot intensity values for DCI and HCI;
  • changed how the Exodus Dungeon and key getting works;
  • various quest was fixed to latest publish rules;
  • all spell timers are now on one master timer. When testing this has lead to smoother casting when various spell casters (monsters and players) are in the same area;
  • global chat now has a forced 5 second delay per OSI;
  • Trade Order Crates now except multiple “like type” items;
  • fixes issue where you could still use teleporters and moongates while completing City Loyality trade orders;
  • various changes to make Exploding Tar Potion work per EA;
  • added logging to Auctions;
  • you can’t sell items in locked containers now;
  • explode potions no longer follow mobiles;
  • fixed a rare crash that could occur with Vendor Search;
  • mysterious fragments drop in treasure maps correctly now when Jolly Rogers is enabled;
  • display issue fix for various Kings Collection Items;
  • Bola has incorrect (reversed) logic, this has been corrected;
  • Merchants Trinket upgraded to match EA (has charges now);
  • various confirmed loot tone downs on various ML named monsters;
  • fixed an exploit with Exploring the Deep quest monsters;
  • fixed various exploits with using the help menu to circumvent the Trade Order restrictions;
  • flee is now more EA like;
  • undead creatures no longer flee;
  • animal AI scripts are integrated with Base AI for better functionality;
  • fixed dispel field so mobiles can be targeted, removed messages per EA;
  • White Tiger Form no longer reveals a Player on cast.

Also, Publish 109 UO Store and 23rd Ultima Anniversary items was added (giftgiving start at september 5);

Anniversary Items:

  • Silver Plated Lamppost
    Randomly delivered as 1 of 4 types of lamp posts that can be turned on and off and functions as a colored light source.
  • Silver Plated Bubbling Cauldron
    Blessed house addon deed that has a rare chance to be delivered in 1 of 7 rare hues. Otherwise is a random common hue.
  • Silver Plated Tome
    Can be turned in 4 directions using the Interior Decorator.
    Randomly named as the “Tale of…” with a random nobility title and city name.
    Rare chance to be delivered in 1 of 6 random hues. Otherwise is a random common hue.

New Donation Store Items:

  • Decorative Guildstones
    Available in 3 different styles – Legacy, Knight Chess Piece, and Rook Chess Piece
    When locked down in a house a context menu option allows the house owner to update guild information on the stone.
    When double clicked the stone will display the Guild Name, Guild Abbreviation, Guild Leader’s Name, and Guild Leader’s Title.
    The Guild # created on the shard for the first 1000 guilds ever created on a specific shard. For guilds created after the first 1000 on a shard, the shard the guild was created will be displayed.
    Can be dyed with regular, pigment, natural, and promo dyes.
  • Decorative Mage’s Set
    Each set includes 2 decorative mage thrones, 1 decorative magic book stand, 2 decorative specimen shelves, 1 decorative mage’s crystal ball, 1 decorative mage’s rug.
    Each item can be dyed with regular, furniture, natural, and promo dyes.
    The rug can be placed as both small and large versions.
  • Transmogrification Potion – Robe Slot
    This potion will allow the transfer of properties from one robe slot item to another robe slot item.
    Properties cannot be transferred to robe slot items that are imbued, have quiver-esque magical properties, or have any existing magical properties.
  • Vanity Mount – Capybara
  • Mini Castle & Keep Deeds
    Robin’s Nest
    The Spires

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