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New Achievement System rewards and more

Today’s update package focuses on three areas of change.

The first one involves the implementation of a whole range of new or missing elements to be selected in the UO Store module in exchange for the sovereigns you have accumulated. These, in turn, can be obtained either by completing the next achievements in the game, or also through the crowdfunding area (donations).

The second area is corrections of errors revealed in the last three weeks and server updates – in a number of areas – to the latest version of the game client. We are constantly striving to ensure that WarCry: Sosaria does not stick to what Ultima Online offers. Let me remind you that our server is the only shard in Poland and one of the few in the world, which is based on the latest version of UO and supports both the classic version of the game (2D) and the Enhanced version.

The third area of ​​changes is consistent efforts to further optimize the server coding to ensure maximum stability and performance in relation to the latest version of the Sosaria kernel.

I would also like to add that the implemented update supplements the coding of the server with elements of mechanics that bring us closer to the full service of recipes, which will provide the possibility of producing hundreds of types of food and drinks providing temporary bonuses to statistics or skills – based on the raw materials that can be obtained in the Advanced Cooking System. More on this topic coming soon.

Below is a patchlog of the main elements of the implemented update:

  • we have added missing elements of mechanics for recipes for the immediate production of drinks and food, adding temporary bonuses to statistics or skills based on the raw materials obtained in the Advanced Cooking System;
  • Decorative Farm Set was implemented and added to Ultima Store Module ingame;
  • Wedding Package was implemented and added to UO Store Module ingame;
  • Field Garden Bed was implemented and added to UO Store Module ingame;
  • alot various new or missing UO Store Module items was added;
  • skill gain is no longer redundantly checked against the same values inside of XML;
  • fixed an issue with Ethereal Soulbinders;
  • spelling mistakes on corpses in Treasures of Sorcerers Dungeon event was implemented. Also, event mini bosses no longer flee;
  • Kotl Black Rod now retains its correct color on craft;
  • removed old/unreachable code in polymorph (pre aos methods);
  • massive World Spawner cleanup was done;
  • removad many of redundant and double calls;
  • old Animal AI (which was not used) was defaulted to Melee AI along with Beserk, Predator, and Thief AI;
  • item flags has been moved from XML Spawner System to base scripts;
  • cleaned up the decoration folder and removed / combined older decoration spawn files;
  • the massive XMLSpawner cleanup was beginning;
  • fixed various bugs with the Bane Dragon;
  • removed ununused/outdated configuration options from Veteran Rewards System;
  • Guild System clean up was done, with removal of old unused methods;
  • Interior Decorator now correctly works on the older style trophies;
  • fixes an issue with some items on house transfer;
  • massive cleanup of Champions System was done;
  • Vendor Search System was upgrade to both latest game client versions;
  • certain items can now correctly be used as trash barrels by the home owner;
  • the revealed descriptive errors for some creatures have been removed.

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