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Archeage test server available now!

I am pleased to announce that today we have launched an Archeage server called WarCry: Arcadia, based on the 1.2 client and AAEmu base sources. Thus, our team faces new challenges related to exploring – from the inside – the methodology of creating the next MMORPG universe.

We invite all people interested in learning the secrets of the new world of WarCry – now – to log in. To cross the gate leading to Arkadia:

  • download the game client version 1.2 available here and unpack it in a selected, empty folder;
  • download the Arcadia game launcher (connecting program) available here and unpack it (all files) in the main game folder;
  • run Arcadia launcher.exe (ignoring the message that the client cannot be patched) and go to the settings section and here – in the server adress window – enter: and press the Save Settings button;
  • this will return to the launcher login screen, where you must enter the selected login and password and then press the Play button to log in to the server selection window;
  • in the server selection window, select the WarCry server: Arcadia and press the Connect button;
  • after logging into the login server, we create a character, choose her appearance, profession, name and connect with the world.

On the server, while playing the game, you may encounter some imperfections that will be removed over time.

I also encourage you to increase the resolution and other graphics settings (from the default) in the Settings window of the game itself.

Welcome to Arcadia!

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