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A package of updates and fixes, and changes to the methodology for Sovereigns obtaining

Today, another package of updates and fixes has been delivered to the WarCry: Sosaria server.

It includes, among other things, the first package of changes to the methodology of obtaining Sovereigns, by implementing the chance to obtain them – as loot from certain creatures. At the same time, we reduced the number of Sovereigns awarded under the Achievement System from 2 to 1 and reduced their number under the Crowdfunding mechanism.

Moreover, the bugs in the mechanics of the server’s, indicated in the patchlog below, have been removed recently.

Here is a patchnotes of the main modifications:

  • PvP Point System titles name was changed (you will notice the change after the first modification of the title caused by a decrease / increase in your character’s placement in the statistics);
  • a mechanism has been implemented that provides a chance to obtain a certain amount of Sovereigns in loot from certain creatures in the game. In the coming days, we plan to add this opportunity for first select opponents in the world of Sosaria.
  • the option to receive one power scroll each month has been removed from the Supporter System to limit its impact on the co-op aspect of the game world;
  • the number of Sovereigns per achievement point has been reduced from 2 Sovereigns to 1;
  • the number of Sovereigns obtainable as possibly rewards from crowdfunding has been reduced;
  • fixed an issue where containers could go over their maximum item limit;
  • fixed an issue where various new potions were incorrectly able to be placed inside potion kegs;
  • fixed a display issue with the Fermentation Barrel;
  • fixed an issue with Vendor Search and certain vendor maps that were being created incorrectly;
  • fixed an issue where a pet owner’s luck was not always being calculated when determining basic loot drops;
  • fixed an issue where monsters and pets could get “stuck” while casting a spell and would not cast anymore until after a restart;
  • Sorcerer’s Dungeon Event item respawn problem was solved;
  • Fermentation Barrel mechanics issues was solved;
  • fixed an issues with Fellowship Medallion;
  • fixed an issue where players could use the Primevil Lich champion spawn to get into the Abyss, without the quest;
  • missing rewards from Huntmaster Challenge Reward Gump was added;
  • fixed an access issue with the Jewelry Box, when turning pages;
  • Travesty Mirror Images will no longer turn players as criminal;
  • fixed an exploit where items could be used inside of mail boxes, even without the correct access;
  • part of depreciated quests has being removed;
  • fixed an exploit where auto loot own corpse should only auto loot items that were in there when killed (prevents people from dropping items in a corpse to get them auto looted);
  • animals with instruments will no longer drop them to the world;
  • fixed a crash bug with the City Election system when it has multiple people running;
  • fixed an Achievements System crash bug.

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