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Another major fix pack for WarCry: Azeroth

Today, we have implemented another large patch package on the server supporting the world of WarCry: Azeroth.

With him, we got seriously closer to full game support in the Legion version.

The package includes numerous functionalities, from simple improvements to the operation of quests, through updating, supplementing and optimizing the mechanics of more advanced systems, to significant changes to the server’s back-end, enabling more efficient management of GM’s work.

Below is a list of the main implemented changes (without the so-called minor fixes, which many in the package would require a wall of text).

  • World Ender Bosses Scripted:
    – Satella the Witch of Envy ;
    – Wiz the Ice Witch ;
    – Akainu The Ash Bringer;
    – Tlaltecuhtli Earth Demi Goddess;
    – Pandora the Forgotten Nightmare;
    – Oya Forgotten Murloc God of Anger and Flames;
    – Verethragna The Herald of Victory;
    – Allonzo Shadowlord;
  • 110+ missing pets audited, added, and flags fixed;
  • Kalimador 21 missing pet types was added with over 530 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Eastern Kingdom 33 missing pet types was added with over 500 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Outlands 8 missing pet types was added with over 400 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Northrend 12 missing pet types was added with over 550 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Draenor 7 missing pet types was added with over 430 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Panderia 9 missing pet types was added with over 500 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Legion 10 missing pet types was added with over 500 missing NPC spawn points;
  • Hearthy Pet was scripted and added;
  • Baby Shark now is a completed battle pet now;
  • World Quest Invasion Points scenarios was implemented;
  • many of Bshop optimizations and corrections was implemented ;
  • few more bad flag innkeepers and stable masters was fixed;
  • Argent Squire and Argent Gruntling now offers auction house access to compliment their Mailbox and Trader options;
  • alot Garrison fixes was implemented;
  • Garrison Horde lvl 2 and 3 upgrade was fixed;
  • level 2 and level 3 Garrison database tables was corrected;
  • Garrison innkeepers was fixed with corrected recoverable garrison heartherstone option;
  • Legion (New Dalaran) innkeeper was corrected with recoverable Dalaran hearthstone option;
  • Class Hall Hearthstones are available now at class hall vendors;
  • New tele class halls locations are as follows:
    – warlord class hall;
    – demon hunter class hall;
    – shaman class hall;
    – druid class hall;
    – hunter class hall;
    – paladin class hall;
    – rouge class hall;
    – death knight class hall;
    – warrior class hall;
    – monk class hall;
    – mage class hall;
    – priest class hall;
  • many of loot adjustmusts;
  • alot of minor boost gear corrections;
  • Class Hall mounts quests and vendor items was added;
  • Class Hall hearth stones was scripted and added to class hall vendors;
  • Uldum:
    – NPC Darwishi is now properly linked to the stablemaster script;
    – NPC Kazemde is now properly linked to innkeeper script;
    – missing NPC Prince Nadun was added;
  • Guild Hearld and Guild Page pet (horde and alliance) now has the guild vendor shop option;
  • Call of the Archmage Quest (Draenor) fixed along with Archmage Khadgar <Sons of Lothar>;
  • new Legendary Chance World Item – The Taco of Uraguay (50% chance to fully heal you or make you sick and kill you. Let fate decide);
  • new NPC – Jeban Sam. NPC Vendor of the New Legendary Chance World Item – The Taco of Uraguay (New Dalaran next to the Groot looking Fruit Vendor);
  • over 27,000 quest scaling in multi zones up to Legion corrected;
  • over 170 quest rewards corrected to include mail;
  • Recruit a Friend Summon spell was fixed;
  • missing Cenarius Boss loot box was fixed;
  • Springpaw Lynx and Springpaw Cub one shot kill was fixed in Blood Elf starter zone;
  • Battle Pet Trainer Varzok now offers the rest of his pets he is suppose to sell;
  • Blood Elf start zone was rebalanced;
  • placement for Lin Tenderpaw was fixed;
  • Blood Elf start zone part 2 + Ghostlands scaling was fixed;
  •  DK and Rogue scenario with select enemy NPC are no longer one shotting player;
  • alot of misc fixes and a few zone scaling was implemented;
  • GM Support NPC now has a special Vendor Item Option for GM Level accounts:
    – all Transmog Set Item unlock is available;
    – all Transmog Item unlock is available;
    – all Heirlooms unlock is available;
    – all Toys unlock is available;
  • code redemption is now available thru the GM Support NPC.

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