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Intensive work on coding the ArcheAge – WarCry: Arcadia server

The last two months have been a period of particularly intense work on the world of WarCry: Arcadia. Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work ahead of us, December 2020 and January 2021 were the times when our Archeage world was enriched with hundreds of improvements to almost every aspect of the game world.

The implemented fixes included, among other things, a comprehensive review of all the character’s skills and the correction / rewriting of those for which irregularities in operation were detected. We optimized the operation of key NPC service files and the mechanics of the behavior of a number of creatures in the game, as well as the review and coding corrections for many players’ buildings and ships.

The prepared corrections also covered the broadly understood sphere of regionalization (zones and their impact on individual elements of the game) as well as the implementation of corrections in the granting, progress and finalization of a number of quests and the functioning of related characters (on all three continents), which significantly improves the content and stability of operations the entire shard.

The work of our crews also included a comprehensive review of the server’s back-end (optimization of the game server and login databases) along with verification and corrections within the staff commands and commands available to the players’ characters (and indicated in Help). In addition, we made a significant number of adjustments within our own launcher, eliminating, among others problems reported to us in terms of disconnecting from the game server.

We are very happy that the solutions introduced on the server have met your recognition in the world of Arcadia, which translates into a successive increase in the number of people participating in the game, which in turn allows us to gain knowledge about the areas of mechanics that require our special attention and further polishing. I would like to express my thanks to all those people who, despite the inconvenience related to the disclosed errors, do not lose momentum and share their observations with our team.

I trust that the next months of work will result in as many modifications as will ultimately contribute to bringing the world of WarCry: Arcadia closer to the level adequate with the back version of the official servers for the version of the game adopted in our world. A world to explore – today I cordially invite you.

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