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WarCry Valheim – start of the Valheim server in the MMOGspot network

I am pleased to announce that today we have launched the first Valheim server in Poland, on the infrastructure of the recently deactivated Red Dead 2 server.

In the first phase of operation, access to the server will be possible – as a priority – for developers and administrators and other members of the MMOGspot team, as well as other people who express interest in joining the game world – with priority being given to our project’s Supporters. This is related to the current limitation of the number of people who can simultaneously log into the server (until the game-server communication is refined).

Valheim, is a Iron Gate studio survival game (with early access status) in which we get the opportunity to play the role of a Viking. The production debuted on Steam on February 2 this year. The creators also shared some videos that you can see below.

Valheim is a game that focuses on online multiplayer. The action of this title takes place in a fictional land where warriors go after their death, who try to deserve a place in the afterlife known from Scandinavian mythology – the so-called Valhalla. Thus, Valheim acts as a kind of “purgatory for the Vikings”.

The world of Valheim – despite the ongoing work on the game – already assumes a number of aspects that are to be intensively developed over the next months. At the present stage, the already functioning (or currently implemented) content includes:

  • huge procedurally generated world – explore and inhabit mystical lands, from mysterious forests to impressive mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks and stunning meadows, complete with their own legendary creatures and wildlife;
  • cooperative PvE – regardless of whether you want to fight for the lands alone or go on an expedition with trusted allies;
  • dodging and blocking combat system with a wide range of weapons;
  • building and shipping – from thin rafts to impressive warships. Build them to conquer the seas and discover new lands;
  • the ability to summon and defeat vengeful primal bosses from myths and legends, and collect various trophies to use them to progress and create new powerful items;
  • flexible house and base construction system – build all kinds of buildings, farms, outposts, housing estates, castles and more;
  • an extensive system of obtaining various raw materials with surprising solutions (by inadvertent cutting down tall trees, you can, for example, end up with a fatal crush, and in the case of lighting a fire in a cramped room – with smoke);
  • intuitive crafting of items – forge the best weapons and armor, and produce food or e.g. mead.

Today Valheim has over 20,000 players on Steam. The creators also shared their plans for the development of their work. They show that the game will receive at least three major updates by the end of the year.

These updates are “Hearth and Home”, “Cult of the Wolf”, and “Ships and the Sea”. The creators have not yet revealed what exactly they will introduce, although the titles are undoubtedly some suggestions regarding the possible content. We will certainly get another type of land – the so-called Mistlands. If the developers have enough time, they will also focus on further fixes and extensions. The list includes, among others things like multiplayer interactions, combat system fixes, moon phases, tar pits, more unique locations, and a sandbox mode.

Access to our server will be possible after purchasing the game on Steam, through two possible ways:

  • method 1 – by selecting the View / Servers / Favorites option in the Steam application, where we choose the New Server option and enter the address / port – (in case of problems with this address, enter Then we search for our server (WarCry: Valheim) in the given location and add it to the list of favorites. To connect to a server, we select it with the right mouse button on our list of favorite servers and select the connect option.
  • method 2 – by logging in to the game (select Valheim in the Steam client and run option), and then – in the game itself, on the login screen, select the “connect to the game” option, next “connect via IP” button – and enter the address / port –
    I would like to point out at this point that the two indicated connection methods use different IP ports!

Connecting to the server requires a password, which – in the first stage of the server’s existence – I will pass to people interested on priv or via the Supporter channel.

I will also add that the game is available in a number of language versions – also in the Polish version, which can be set after the first login in the game client options (setting requires Valheim restart).


February 16, 2021
Hey, how can someone contact you in order to ask for the server invitation considering polish version for example? Thanks in advance!
February 18, 2021
Yap. Send me a priv via our Discord please :)

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