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WarCry: Britannia server fix pack

Today, a small patch package has been added to our Ultima Online server as part of further work to improve the crafting mechanisms in the game world.
These changes include:

  • deactivating the Self Repair property for players’ inventory;
  • deactivating the Use Best Skill feature for players’ weapons;
  • LRC setting for newly generated loot in the game at the level of 60% of the current values – for individual types of items. This change does not apply to items already owned by players;
  • the LRC parameter on the Contributor Sash has been reduced from 100 to 50.

Moreover, from today the server will be displayed to you under the name Britannia. Therefore, appropriate modifications were also made to the content of individual web sections of the UO server and Discord channels.

All persons who had characters / equipment on the deactivated T2A / UOR shard and intend to transfer them to the current Britannia are asked to contact us by February 28 inclusive (via Discord).

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