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Britannia Code of Conduct

Post has published by Fenris

Date of publication: January 1, 2021
Last actualisation: January 4, 2021

The following code of conduct is subject to change from time to time. Please keep an eye on this page for any updates to the rules posted here.

By downloading our client and logging into the Britannia server or our server’s communication channels (website, forums, Discord), you accept this Britannia Server Code of Conduct. If any of these rules are breached, the administrator has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate your account (s).

Our Game Masters also have the right to investigate any behavior they consider suspicious of following server rules. You undertake to cooperate with all their requests to carry out such activities. Failure to provide the requested information and / or attempt to obstruct it may be considered an admission of guilt and result in the imposition of access restrictions on game accounts.

Our team will not compensate you for lost characters, accounts or anything owned or held by a specific character or account, including but not limited to items, achievements, pets, ships, houses, or guilds, unless their loss was due to a bug or error on the server side during the period of its availability or it was the fault of our team. In the event of a compensable loss, Game Masters will try to compensate the loss as far as practicable, without disrupting the server and the continued use of the server by other players.

The code of conduct applies to everyone who uses your account. You are personally responsible for any consequences (including closure of your account) that may arise if such person breaches these rules. For this reason, we encourage you to refrain from sharing accounts, in particular account passwords, and to change passwords frequently with the [password. Our administrators will never ask you for your in-game account password.

This Code of Conduct applies to all forms of communication – including forums and Discord. If you would like to report a breach of the rules here, please contact Fenris through Discord or our contact form. Provide evidence in the form of screenshots or videos, if no one from our team was present in the indicated circumstances.

Code of Conduct, Game and Community Rules:

1. Account, Building and Character Restrictions

  • each Player may have a maximum of 2 accounts with 1 character per account (IP address / household) and 1 house per account. These aspects are technically limited on the server side. The indicated limit does not include accounts covered by the Contributor System;
  • account sharing is not allowed. If it turns out that you are associated with more accounts than the allowed limit, all accounts may be blocked and then deleted.
  • Player vs Monster (PvM):
    • the use of multiple clients is allowed in PvM. This means that a Player may have more than one account logged in at the same time and use these accounts simultaneously when fighting non-Player characters / monsters;
    • dungeons have their own unique limitations – see below.
  • Player versus Player (PvP):
    • PvP with the use of several accounts by the Player at the same time is not allowed. This includes dealing damage, bricking, blocking, revealing, hiding, healing, resurrecting, and giving aggressive commands to pets. You cannot organize PvP matches using multiple of your own game clients. Using more than one account in a PvP scenario will result in a temporary blocking of access to the accounts covered by this procedure (minimum for 14 days).
  • Restrictions on dungeons and player murders:
    • each player can only have 1 account / character in any dungeon at any time. Any player who bypasses this restriction in any way (including but not limited to exploit, VPN use, additional / illegal accounts) will be permanently banned from all their accounts;
    • Players who bypass IP-based murder restrictions in any way (including but not limited to exploit, VPN use, additional / illegal accounts) will also be permanently banned.
  • Ships:
    • PvP using multiple clients by the Player is allowed as long as the Players adhere to the following guidelines:
      • Players can have more than one of their characters on a single ship, provided that:
        • they may stay with several characters on NPC ships, but more than one character of a given player may not be on another player’s ship at any time;
      • Players who bypass the ship restrictions in any way (including but not limited to exploit, VPN use, additional / illegal accounts) will be permanently banned from all their accounts.
  • Player Buildings:
    • one Player may have one building for each account they have;
    • placing a house requires that the surrounding area is passable.

2. Unattended gameplay (AFK)

  • unsupervised pooling of resources and their acquisition of AFK is prohibited;
  • training your pet in AFK is not allowed;
  • the first disclosed offense will result in the character’s imprisonment for 7 days and the loss of the output / benefits obtained through AFK. Supervision of the Game Team can be carried out in an automated manner – through the displayed CAPTCHA, the lack of reaction to which will result in the immediate blocking of the Player’s activities. If our Game Master determines that you have not responded for 2 consecutive minutes while collecting resources / experience, you will be placed in the jail for the first offense and banned after the second;
  • an unsupervised macro is allowed to increase skills (excluding activities that result in the extraction / gathering of resources).

3. The client and game assistants

  • you can log in to our server for both the Classic and Enhanced client;
  • in the case of the Enhanced version, our Launcher is used to connect to the server;
  • in the case of the Classic version – only ClassicUO, Razor (regular) or Steam can be used. Other allowed tools are UOAM and Ultima Mapper;
  • programs such as Sallos, Veritas, speedhacks, UO Extreme, EasyUO, Gear, AssistUO, Adrenaline, RazorEnhanced, ClassicAssist, Stealth, Orion and Cheat Engine are not allowed;
  • any other program / application that gives you an unfair advantage over other Players or game mechanics is illegal;
  • Players who use unsupported game clients or assistants will be permanently banned.

4. Character names (nicknames)

Names adopted in the game and nicknames selected on our website and Discord may not be offensive, sex-related or indecent. If you do not comply with this rule – we will ask you to change your name, and if you do not react – the name for your character will be changed by the Game Master at the discretion of the server.

There is a mechanism for verifying the uniqueness of players’ names on the server. If any of the Player’s characters receives a name already used by another Player at the stage of creation, after logging in, they will be marked with a temporary “Generic Player” status and a new name window will be displayed. Until the name is changed, the character cannot move in the game.

Guidelines for naming characters, pets, houses etc:

  • We encourage you to choose a name that represents your character as you want it to be displayed. However, please also be reasonable when choosing names for characters, guilds, titles, houses, animals, etc., which may have their own names. Examples of wrong names include:
    • any name that violates server rules. This includes names that are racially motivated, with sexual, anatomical and excretory references, hateful, defamatory, ethnically offensive, hate-based, or any other names that would be naturally offensive, including homonyms. Quite simply, if your given name or name defames any demographic or is in bad taste, you will likely be prompted to change your name;
    • any name that is defamatory or attempts to defame the reputation of another Player or a member of the shards team;
    • use of offensive, defamatory or offensive content in conjunction with the names of famous or important historical, political or religious figures;
    • the names of modern serial killers or anyone from the group of people who has committed crimes against humanity, or any names that are closely related to these acts;
    • any name containing a combination of words that gives an offensive result;
    • disguised profanity or slang that denotes offensive terms;
    • misspellings, phonetic spellings, word combinations, or the alternate spelling of any names that violate the above rules, in order to work around them;
    • any name that is an incomprehensible combination of letters.

5. Vocabulary

  • the use of unlawful, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racist, ethnic or offensive language in relation to any other Player or member of the shard team, including life threats or personal accusations, is not allowed. As a representative of a community with a wide variety of Players, speak kindly and post without the use of vulgarity;
  • Users who abuse our in-game language policy will receive one warning and then banned, with particular emphasis on racial and homophobic insults;
  • by paying particular attention to harassing or verbally assaulting any of our Team members, we have a zero tolerance policy. There is no reason for any Player to ever verbally insult a Game Master or Administrator and you are expected to speak with respect;
  • we reserve the right to take action against Players who create a negative atmosphere in our community. Players who continue to abuse this rule despite requests will be removed from the server and our community.

6. Harassment

  • you undertake to refrain from any actions that may prevent other players from playing the game – in accordance with its rules. This includes but is not limited to: excessive verbal harassment, constant negative attitudes, extreme vulgarity, deliberately trapping players in places that force them to use the Help / Stuck system to escape, blocking public moongates, dungeons, and dungeon level transitions using blocking objects, disrupting or blocking traffic during server events, using ghost scouts to monitor dungeons and specific spawns, repeated / systemic attempts to deceive other players, and selecting obscene character or guild names;
  • you agree not to post any information about other Players who violate their privacy or identify them in the real world. Posting such information about third parties – without their consent – will result in immediate blocking of access to the entire website, game server and our Discord.

7. Guilds

It is unacceptable to organize guilds and associations based on any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or other hate philosophy.

8. Impersonation

You may not impersonate any representative of our team in the game, the community or the internet in general. This will immediately and irreversibly block access to our website, game server and Discord.

9. Advertising and promotion

You may not promote and advertise or engage in any other form of solicitation on our website / server or via any of the Britannia / MMOGspot communications. This includes the promotion of other shards / servers / games with the exception of other servers operated by MMOGspot. You can play wherever you want, but keep conversations about other shards or games to a minimum. Advertising other shards is not allowed.

10. Mechanics errors / exploits

You will not use any bug that you find on the server to gain an unfair advantage in the game, and if you find it, you will not inform another player that there is such a bug. All errors should be immediately disclosed to the Administrator or Game Masters. Failure to do so will result in the immediate and irreversible blocking of all associated accounts that benefited from the disclosed error.

11. Sales in the real world

Selling or trading houses, items, accounts, skills, work / time or gold in exchange for real world funds or cryptocurrency is not allowed. All accounts associated with the person to whom the disclosure will be made will be blocked.

12. Break-ins of other players’ accounts

You will not try to interfere, hack or otherwise access other players’ accounts. Access to Player accounts is registered. All hacking attempts will be investigated and will result in permanent removal from our community.

Special, additional Discord / Forum rules

The above-mentioned Code of Conduct applies to all forms of communication. Any cheeky political talks, including on current events, are not allowed. Discussion about other (active) servers is also not allowed.

Additional Info

By creating a Britannia server, we ensure the existence of our shared virtual world – further enhancing knowledge in the field of coding in C#, as well as management, creation and development of network projects. The MMOGspot project is not a commercial project and therefore we do not act to achieve any profit. The use of our resources (website / game server) does not involve any mandatory fees. All funds received as part of any donations are allocated for the purpose of maintaining and possibly expanding the project infrastructure (dedicated servers and netlines in the server room, server software licenses, hosting, domains, etc.). All work carried out on the project is carried out on a voluntary basis.

Due to the above, we kindly ask you for understanding for our possible trips. 

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