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    For those who have been playing in Ultima for a long time, it may be a surprise to see no gold piles inserted into the in-game banking boxes and the banker’s information that the check service is no longer available.

    This is due to changes in the game introduced to the public 90 on official servers and implemented also on MoonGate. The gold piles dropped into the bank boxes is now automatically converted to the account entry of your bank account.

    Below, a reprint of changes introduced in this area in August 2015. It is worth noting that currently the main way of operating with gold, collected from a banker – is to use Banker’s option “open bankbox” (after pressing the left mouse button on it).

    *Physical gold piles will remain in the world.
    *All existing player-owned gold and checks that were located in the player’s bank box have been added to the player’s currency account on the shard.
    *Players must add gold or checks to their currency account in order to use it.
    *To add gold or checks to a player’s currency account, simply place it inside their bank box.
    *Bankers no longer create checks from gold stored in the bank box.
    *All bank checks are shard-bound.
    *Both client trade windows have been updated to improve currency account trading.

    *New Currency Type*
    *Platinum has been minted. A platinum is valued at 1 billion gold.
    *Once a player’s gold account reaches a balance of 1 billion gold, it will automatically convert to 1 platinum.

    Wall Safe (House Add-on)
    *Can be crafted via the Tinkering skill from the “Miscellaneous” category
    *Once a wall safe is placed in a house, it can store up to 100,000,000 gold.
    *This can be used to conduct offline transactions between players with security access.
    *Currency can only be added/removed from the wall safe using the Secure Account.
    *Secure Account – holds up to 100,000,000 gold and is only used to transfer from the player’s bank to the Wall Safe.
    *New Bank Action Gump Open bank box to view gump and mouse over action buttons for more information.

    A detailed description in this regard along with screenshots can be found on the Stratics website

    The window with the financial content of the character bank can be opened by selecting the “Open Bankbox” option in the banker’s menu or by selecting the bank icon (Enhanced version) under the window of the target window.

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