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Welcome to the world of Britannia

Post has published by Fenris

Dear Travelers!

I am very pleased to invite you to enter the world of Britannia – a free server for Ultima Online, a great chain – one of the precursors of the MMORPG genre. A position that has won over millions of loyal fans around the world.

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Our server, which in its first version was created at the turn of 2000/2001 (still under the name MoonGate) – is considered a shard until now, which in the history of the UO community in Poland – enjoyed the greatest interest of players. Its original assumptions – building a virtual world with rules that reflect the realities of official servers as much as possible – gained a large crowd of fans who had great adventures here for many years. No later shard in Poland gathered such a large community – whose members, despite the passage of years, still return with sentiment to those times.

The current version of our world – is a place where the rules of the game are consistent with the OSI rules, however, including a number of additions that enhance the gameplay resource and some of old good Second Age and Renaissance expansions mechanics. It is a place where evil and darkness permeate the world to a much greater extent than it is in other worlds.

On our server you will see the new players zone, but not all of Trammel. You will encounter a very complex and extensive crafting system introducing a number of aspects never seen in Ultima. You will be able to run your own ranch and raise animals on it. Grow hundreds of different kinds of plants. Produce beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages or, for example, honey. Produce beeswax stuff. Create, using dead – on official servers – abilities, hundreds of different types of drinks and meals that bring you periodic, real bonuses to your characters’ statistics and abilities/skills. You will be able to learn even aspects of witchcraft and, with the help of cooking and alchemy, create a series of potions and products twisted by black magic.

You will be able to breed bees that will collect valuable honeydew and honey for you, but also deal with various diseases of bees with the possibility of treating them – with the use of a number of potions. Obtain various types of cows, sheep, goats, chickens, bulls and other farm animals with the possibility of crossing their individual varieties in order to achieve the expected results in the collection of meat, milk or eggs. You will be able to make butter, cheese, cookies, various types of bread and even vegan dishes. You will see how your animals are born, grow up to reproductive age and then age. The possibilities that the new server gives in terms of craftsmanship, alchemy, cooking and even poisoning are unimaginable – including the chance to encounter, for example, rare varieties of horses of various colors, with the possibility of crossing them.

Britannia is also a place where your character will be able to suffer from various diseases and their scale will be able to cover even a larger part of the player population. Diseases can of course be treated, although some of them, especially rare ones – such as vampirism and lycanthropy with the progress of development, will become your destiny for good, taking you to completely different spheres of existence (even with the effect of burning exposed body parts by the sun).

Our new server is also – unknown on the official servers – the Bounty Hunters system that allows you to earn gold as a consequence of prosecuting – outlaws – players. They are corrupt guards who – for heavier bags of gold – will be able to obliterate some sins. It’s a rich system of Rarity Hunters who, for the right purse, may reveal real rumors about the location of the rarity for your collection. It is also an Achievement System that allows you to overcome the next stages of character development in connection with the reward in the form of Sovereigns, exchangeable for various unique rewards.

Britannia is also a place where the ability to camp will give you real bonuses in the form of the possibility of temporary expansion of the camps and outposts existing in the game world with the possibility of rest, regeneration and even use of some services. Where there is a very extensive system of PvP Tournaments, taking into account various variants of competition and the league of winners. It is also a place where you will experience an extensive, additional PvP ranking along with appropriate titles and the possibility of obtaining rewards for earned PvP points. It is a world in which there is an extensive mechanism of invading cities, during which you will face extremely strong opponents – who can leave behind a unique reward, such as an act of blessing the items.

In Britannia, there will also be such desirable mechanisms as casinos where you will be able to win a unique prize or lose your entire fortune, or an enriched housing system that provides a number of new types of buildings, not found in the classic version of UO. There will also be galleons known from the High Seas expansion, pirates and merchants floating on the seas where you can hunt for reward, fame or pure profit, and an extended fishing mechanism. It is also a world where – in place of the not popular Vice vs Virtue system – we have implemented the proven and nostalgic-remembered by Ultima veterans – the Faction System, competing for control over individual cities – along with the Ethics mechanism (Chaos / Order). And that’s all, it’s just the beginning.

Our server supports the game in both the classic (2D) and modernized (Enhaced) versions, and our website is enriched with new modules and options every day. We also returned to the domain For the purposes of our project, a dedicated web server connected to a very fast connection in a professional server room was launched.

I invite you to – without wasting any time – delve into this wonderful world. The world of classic Ultima Online rules enriched with numerous attractions on a rare scale. We believe that together with you we will create a new, wonderful world and a great community, where mutual relations will rise to the level of rallies, as was the case during the First Stage.

The new shard – Britannia is waiting for you.

Become part of it – warmly welcome!


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