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How to play

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Below we present a short guide on how to connect to our World od Warcraft – WarCry server:

  1. We create an account on our server by entering the Server Registration Page site and entering:
    – in the e-mail address field: Your e-mail address – necessarily correct, because it will be used as a username on game login screen, in addition, entering a fake address will exclude the possibility of contact from the server administration in the event of, for example, problems with the account.
    – in the Username field: selected account name (not email)
    – in the Password: selected account password
    – in the Re-Password field: the same password for the account selected again
    – in the Capcha field: rewrite the digits displayed next to it
    The account will be created after filling out all the above fields and pressing the “Register” button.

  2. We download and run the game client in version 7.3.5 26972 (Legion). We can do this in two ways:

    – the first is to use the UTorrent program and download the torrent file available here. After installing UTorrent, download the torrent and click on it which will start downloading the game to the location indicated.
    After downloading the game, download our “” file (available here) and put in the game folder – WFT directory in place of the current file.
    To log in to the server, it is necessary that in the WFT folder of the game, in the “” file the line “set portal” contains the entry SET portal “”.
    After downloading the “” file, we start the game with the MW735.exe file and log in to the game in accordance with point 3 of this manual.

    – the second way is to use an external Launcher available at this link. After downloading the Launcher, we copy it to any folder we choose, click on the WarCry Launcher.exe file and in the opened window (after Launcher update) click the “Download” button. The download of the full game client will start. Do not interrupt this process until the entire client has been downloaded, because aborting the download will require you to repeat this operation from scratch.
    After the download is completed, go to the Launcher option (gear in the upper right corner) and here, in the “Game Client Settings” section, select the folder with the downloaded game and confirm the change with the “OK” button.
    Then start the game (“Play” button in the Launcher) and after watching the intro close it without logging in. This step is necessary to generate the WTF folder in the game directory and the “” file in it.
    To log in to the server, it is necessary that in the WFT folder of the game, in the “” file the line “set portal” contains the entry SET portal “”.
    After modifying the “” file, launch the Launcher again, click “Play” and log in to the game as per point 3 of this manual.

  3. On the login screen enter the email address specified in accordance with point 3 (not your username!) and the selected password. This will take you to the character selection / creation window.

    We recommend waiting about a minute between creating the account and logging in to the server for the first time (due to the necessity of updating the account database).


If you encounter the following error when starting WOW


or similar errors may mean that it is possible that one of the game files may be damaged, or limitations in accessing the game file permissions.

In such a situation:

a) go to the folder with the game, right-click the wow.exe file, select properties and uncheck the “read-only / read only” property so that it is not active. Then delete the Error folder (if one has been generated in the game directory) and run the game launcher again.
b) on systems older than Windows 10 – try the walkthrough below at the link, showing step by step how to correct the permissions for game files

If the problem persists:
a) go to the World of Warcraft folder. Delete the Cache folder in it. Then open the Data folder and delete the Cache folder in it as well. Then start the game.
b) if there is no effect – reinstall the game;

The error mentioned above can also be caused by the restriction of file rights imposed by your antivirus programs. I recommend disabling them before the game or adding the entire game directory and wow.exe file to the group of trusted files in the anti-virus and firewall settings. At the end I will add that some of the more advanced anti-virus programs (e.g. Bitdefender or Kaspersky) have a built-in player profile module – in which all game files (including .exe files) can be qualified as excluded from scanning / filtering / blocked processes, which significantly limits resource consumption computer and delays in packet data on the line Your PC – game server. Whenever possible, it is definitely worth taking advantage of such opportunities.

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