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Post has published by Fenris

WarCry donations – what, how and why?

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting our project by donating to it. Your financial support in the form of donations is an extremely valuable gesture for us, allowing for ongoing financing of project development costs, as well as expenses related to maintaining leased infrastructure (professional servers with software, broadband optical fiber connections, website hosting, domains and several other fees).

Despite the obvious fact that many of you would be ready to support our project only for its durability, expecting nothing but thank you, we decided that your gesture deserves at least a few virtual bits that do not represent certain values in the real world, although they are to express our gratitude to you for your contribution to the development and existence of our shared world.

Therefore, each donation made under the donation system is associated with a certain number of tokens (called Sovereigns), which – if you wish – you can exchange for various virtual items / options that we thank for your donations. Their part has been included in the Ultima Store module (available in the game options after pressing the ESC key) while the remaining part below, including the post here (items / options not covered by the Ultima Store module).

Donation payments can be made using donation module. Among the forms of payment in the donation module, it is possible to select a transfer from Paypal account but also, for example, from a credit card – through Paypal – but without requiring a Paypal account.

Payments made through the Donation Module – using Paypal / credit cards – are signaled to us automatically. You do not have to inform us about the payment you make. No less, in order to receive the sovereigns, please send – preferably via Discord priv (to GM Fenris) – information containing the login of the account (without password) and the name of the character – which they are supposed to hit (this can also be indicated in the “comment” field of the donation form).

As we have already pointed out, a number of Sovereigns is assigned to each donation option. Sovereigns are tokens that are passed on to the designated character in the game by our GMs in the form of a bright blue scroll (sovereign scrolls). By clicking on this scroll you assign the sovereigns to the character’s account and their current balance will be checked in the window of the Ultima Store module in the game (ESC key and the Ultima Store option). The selection of any prize in the future will reduce the balance of sovereigns held.

If, therefore, you only want to be in the future, please indicate in the Ultima Store module in the game the chosen option and the system will give you the prize itself as part of the exchange of owned sovereigns. If you want to choose the prizes listed below (not included in the Ultima Store), please send priv information to me about:
– login of your account to which sovereigns have been assigned (without providing a password)
– the name of the character on which the virtual object should be hit (prize).
The required sovereign GM will take from your account in the game.
At this point, we would like to point out that the shard’s staffmembers will not share information about potential rewards selected by you with third parties.

Finally, thank you all again, both for being with us and for all the support we show. Hoping for a long and common residence with you in the wonderful world of Britannia, we ask for your understanding for our mistakes 

See you in the game Friends

Rewards possible to obtain when replacing Sovereigns – WarCry: Britannia server

In addition to the options available in the game, in the Ultima Store module (available in the game options) below we present further virtual items that can be obtained if you want to use the accumulated sovereigns[swr] .

Gold for the start:
* 100.000 gp: 200 SWR
* 250.000 gp: 400 SWR

Scrolls that raise capacity / statistic limits beyond baselines (using powerscroll to raise limits does not automatically result in a given skill / statistic )
* a scroll that raises the limit of a single selected skill to 110 pkt: 300 SWR
* a scroll that raises the limit of a single selected skill to 115 pkt: 700 SWR
* a scroll that raises the limit of a single selected skill to 120 pkt: 1500 SWR

* a scroll that raises the limit of statistics for a single character from 225+ to 230 pkt – 300 SWR
* a scroll that raises the limit of statistics for a single character from 225+ to 235 pkt – 500 SWR
* a scroll that raises the limit of statistics for a single character from 225+ to 240 pkt – 800 SWR
* a scroll that raises the limit of statistics for a single character from 225+ to 245 pkt – 1200 SWR
* a scroll that raises the limit of statistics for a single character from 225+ to 250 pkt – 1500 SWR

– Advanced Characters(500 SWR/one)
Template variants:

Treasure Hunter
85 – Lockpicking
85 – Cartography
85 – Peacemaking
70 – Magery
70 – Musicianship
100 – Strength
80 – Intelligence
45 – Dexterity

85 – Swordsmanship,
Fencing, Mace Fighting 
Archery ( 1 to choose )
85 – Tactics
85 – Anatomy
70 – Healing
70 – Resisting Spells
100 – Strength
100 – Dexterity
25 – Intelligence
85 – Magery
85 – Resisting Spells
85 – Evaluating Intelligence
70 – Inscription
70 – Meditation
80 – Strength
100 – Intelligence
45 – Dexterity

85 – Blacksmithing
85 – Mining
85 – Tinkering
70 – Tailoring
70 – Magery
100 – Strength
60 – Dexterity
65 – Intelligence
85 – Provocation
85 – Musicianship
85 – Peacemaking
70 – Discordance
70 – Resisting Spells
85 – Strength
55 – Intelligence
85 – Dexterity
85 – Taming
85 – Animal Lore
85 – Veterinary
70 – Magery
70 – Meditation
80 – Strength
80 – Intelligence
65 – Dexterity
85 – Carpentry
85 – Fletching
85 – Lumberjacking
70 – Tinkering
70 – Magery
90 – Strength
85 – Dexterity
50 – Intelligence
85 – Cooking
85 – Fishing
85 – Alchemy
70 – Magery
70 – Tinkering
90 – Strength
85 – Dexterity
50 – Intelligence
85 – Chivalry
85 – Resisting Spells
85 – Swordsmanship
70 – Focus
70 – Tactics
85 – Strength
85 – Dexterity
55 – Intelligence
85 – Bushido
85 – Swordsmanship
85 – Parrying
70 – Tactics
70 – Focus
90 – Strength
80 – Dexterity
55 – Intelligence
85 – Ninjitsu
85 – Hiding
85 – Stealth
70 – Fencing
70 – Tactics
80 – Strength
95 – Dexterity
50 – Intelligence
85 – Necromancy
85 – Spirit Speak
85 – Resisting Spells
70 – Fencing
70 – Meditation
60 – Strength
75 – Dexterity
90 – Intelligence

* Bag of sending (blessed) – 1000 SWR
Translocation container that allows you to send items to the character bank, Useful especially when the character has acquired a valuable item and is in a dangerous area. It has the status of blessed (it does not remain in the body when your toon die). Sending the item requires charging the bag with translocation powder.

*Ball of pet summoning (blessed) – 1000 SWR
Once “associated” with the pet, it can be used to summon this creature to the location of the owner – even if the animal is stored in a stable. It is recommended to associate all valuable pets with this type of ball as an insurance against unforeseen scenarios (e.g. loss of a pet). Using the ball requires charging it with translocation powder.

*Powder of translocation (100 units) – 400 SWR
Powder used to charge Bag of Sendings and Ball of Pet Summoning

*Powder of temperament (10 uses) – 200 SWR
A powder that is used to strengthen equipment (the maximum level of durability of an item).

*Scroll of transcendence : +5 for the chosen skill – 500 SWR It enables the training of over 100 of your skill. ATTENTION! Using Scroll of Transcendance to learn ability above 100 points – requires the prior use of Powerscroll (raising the maximum limits of the points of a given ability).

change in the color of beard (beard and mustache) to a special color:
* special beard dye deed: 500 SWR

special title :
*giving the selected title to the character (can not be offensive) : 500 SWR

*reducing the number of murders collected by the character by 1 : 150 SWR
*reducing the number of murders collected by the character by 5 : 500 SWR

Additional account:
– increase in the account limit by one account with a statutory character limit: 1500 SWR

The ethereal mount (mounts – ghosts, quick, faithful and remaining at the figure in the event of her death, you can not kill them):

All ethereal mounts available in an ethereal and standard color
If you want to change the color of the already existing ethereal mounts, please contact Shiryu

Mounts addons
* pet bonding potion: 2000 SWR
*Change the hue of the pet to another available for the species – 500 SWR
*Change the hue of any pet to the Pigments of Tokuno – 1000 SWR + 10 USE Pigment of Tokuno
( It requires having yours Pigment of Tokuno )

Usable equipment:

Cursed Removal Deed – 500 SWR
A ticket enabling the removal of the negative attribute “Cursed” from an item (one-time).

Antique Removal Deed – 300 SWR
A ticket for removing the negative “Antique” attribute from an item (one-time).

Negative Atribute Removal Deed – 200 SWR
A ticket enabling the removal of the negative attribute “Brittle”, “Prized” “Unwiealdy”, “No repair”, “Massive” from the item (one-time).

Clothing Bless Deed – 400 SWR
A constant blessing for a piece of clothing

Item Bless Deed – 500 SWR
Constant Blessing of any part of the equipment (Armor / Weapon / Shield)

Runic tools :
Tools for creating magic items with random properties
Blacksmithy Verite / Tailoring Horned / Carpentry – Bowcraft Yew / Masonry – Verite granite
– 200 SWR each 5 uses
Blacksmithy Valorite / Tailoring Barbed / Carpentry – Bowcraft Heartwood / Masonry – Valorite granite
– 300 SWR each 5 uses
The number of use when ordering is unlimited depending on the number of assigned sovereigns

Special Dye & Hue :
– Furniture Dye tub – 1000 SWR (used for staining furniture)
– Special Dye Tub – 1000 SWR (new colors for use on fabric that are not available in the usual palette of dyes)
– Leather Dye Tub – 1000 SWR (colors leather armor for colors from the list)
– Metallic Dye Tub – 1000 SWR (color metal armor and shields for colors from the list)

Stationary crafting tools – 100 SWR
Stationary craft tools that can accommodate 5,000 uses (supplemented with standard tools) and serving as a home decoration
-Sewing Machine-Tailoring
-Smithing Press – Blacksmithy
-Spinning Lathe – Carpentry
-fletching station – Bowcraft
-Alchemy Station – Alchemy
-BBQ Smoker – Cooking
-Enchanted Writing Desk – Inscription
-Tinker Bench – Tinkering

Auction Safe – 500 SWR 


allows you to issue the item for sale in the form of an Auction.
More information LINK The Auction Safe

Seed Box – 100 SWR (seeds placed in it are automatically identified. It can hold 5,000 seeds)


Blood pentagram – 200 SWR


Bloody Pentagram allows to obtain arcane focus level 5 Arcane Circle (Spell)

Lighthouse – 200 SWR


Lighthouse allows you to recall a lost ship with its weapons in the form of a statuette in a backpack (items in the ship’s compartment are lost)
The lighthouse is assigned to the account

Cannon – 200 SWR two pieces


A set of two ornamental cannons. When filled with an exploding mixture, it allows firing with a light effect

Map table – 200 SWR


Decorative container for maps – Holds up to 500 maps

Skull rug – 200 SWR

Once a week, he gives a random treasure map of level 1 to 4

Dolphin rug – 200 SWR

Once a week, he gives a message in a bottle

Rose rug – 200 SWR

Once a week he gives a random seed

Mining Cart – 200 SWR


Deed allows you to place one of the two versions of the mining cart
Ore cart Generates 10 random ores a day
Gem carts Generates 5 random Gems a day

Koi pond – 200 SWR


A waterhole available in three sizes – choice from the deed menu

Water wheel – 200 SWR


The decoration also serves as a source of water

Garden Shed – 200 SWR


It has two containers with a standard capacity of “125”
these containers do not count as a load for the sum of the house’s capacity

** ATTENTION! Donations are not refundable, also in the case of blocking an account on the server due to a violation of the website’s rules.

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