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    Special server ruleset and custom addons on Britannia
    (last update March 05, 2021)

    Below is a list of original additions and special rules in force on our server. In the remaining scope, our server operates based on the rules of the official servers of Ultima Online. In order to explore the basic rules of the game, we encourage you to read the Instructions section of our website and services:
    UO Wiki –
    UO Guide –
    UO Stratics –

    I would like to add that currently, as the only server in Poland and the few in the world, we support 99 +% of the game content with support for the latest version of the game client and all its expansions.

    Special Britannia Rules and Custom Addons

    I. Britannia Special Ruleset

    1. Character limit on the account
    A maximum of 2 characters can be created on each game account. Despite the statutory limit of 2 accounts (plus Contributor Status account), it is difficult to be self-sufficient in all aspects of the game. Bearing in mind the richness of the world of UO and a number of available professions and builds, low character limit increase the interaction between players, promotes trade in the game and encourages you to bind yourself in the guild and more or less formal alliances, to make the possibilities of your companions fill in the gaps in your own backyard.

    2. Creatures and players
    a) Murderers who travel within cities are not attacked by guards unless they commit a prohibited act (eg an attack on an innocent player).
    b) Casting a spell that provides support for a murderer (eg spell healing or spell cleansing poisoning) by another player within the city, results in temporary criminal status for the spell caster (with the possibility of attacking him by opponents of the murderer) but without consequences in the form of an attack by city guards on charming.
    c) Killing the NPC in the game world does not result in an increase in the number of murders (murders are counted only for killed innocent players), although the admission of such behavior in urban guarded zones may trigger reaction and attack of the municipal guard.
    d) Dark wisps – creatures commonly found in the Felucca continent are more aggressive.
    e) Due to the inclusion of Felucca rules (PvP areas) of all continents in the game (with the exception of the starting island of new players – New Haven and Ilshenar), the presence of Mondain’s priests (red healers – treating PKs / Murderers) in the game world has been increased;
    f) Summoning with the help of Valor champions is possible on the continents of Ilshenar, Tokuno, Bedlam and the so-called Felucca dungeons (Deceit, Despise, Destard, Fire, Tera Keep, Abyss and Lich). In Ilshenar, Tokuno and Bedlam, the periods of independent activation of individual altars without the use of Valor were set to about 1 day. Automatic altar activation in Felucca dungeons (without the use of Valor) is subject to a random time interval up to a maximum of 12 hours. In the case of Lost Lands, the random automatic activation interval is a maximum of 24 hours (in Lost Lands activation of the spawn champion using Valor is not possible).

    3. Continents and locations
    a)The server covers the continents Felucca, Ilshenar, Tokuno and Ter Mur with the Valley of Eodon and the New Haven starting region (no continent Trammel and Malas – entrances to more interesting Malas locations and Malas quests have been moved to Felucca). All of these areas (except New Haven) are governed by the Felucca continent rules. Everywhere (except New Haven) criminals / murderers also have access to travel, and your equipment can be stolen by a pickpocket. The new players zone – New Haven, can only be accessed by characters with the Young status.
    b) The movement of Player characters between two different continents is standard – by using Public Moongates or Recall / Sacred Journey spells. In the case of Lost Lands (access through underground caves and dungeons) and Ilshenar (access through Public Moongates), access to this continent using magic is not possible – leaving it can be done using Recall / Sacred. Access to the New Haven starting area is only possible through the public moongates and only for characters with Young status;
    c) There is no volcano on the Isle of Fire (Fire Isle). The entrance to the Underworld Dungeon is possible through a gate at the top of the Demon Temple
    d) A start location was created on the server – New Haven, an island where new players can learn the basics of the game, accomplish the first quests and acquire additional skills through them, up to 50 points. Each newly created character starts a game with the status of a young player (young), providing – besides signing by the name, some benefits in the form of greater security in the New Haven launch area. And yes, such figures within the starting island:
    – they are not attacked by NPC creatures until they attack them themselves;
    – they can not be robbed by another player;
    – they can not be attacked by another player under pvp.
    Benefits are, however, not available on other continents (after leaving the New Haven zone).
    In addition, a public moongate (near the south-west city gate) appeared within New Haven, with which young players can move outside of New Haven and return to this location, making it possible to finalize escort missions from New Haven to Felucca. Similarly, all existing public moongate games in the world – have been modified to provide players (with the status of Young) the opportunity to return to New Haven.
    Young status is granted to the character for the first 40 hours of the game unless he renounces it by the command “I renounce my young player status”. This status be lost before the end of this period if the sum of all possessed abilities of the character exceeds 450 points.
    e) In connection with Malas liquidation and activities aimed at attracting the continent of Felucca – in Felucca, the entrances to the dungeons Labyrinth, Doom and Bedlam as well as some Ilshenar dungeons have been deployed. Details of new connections – on the map available in the Continents Maps section.

    4. Player buildings
    a) Up to 3 buildings can be assigned to each account – only the youngest house is automatically refreshed during the account activity period (currently for an inactive account – it can be deleted – the server considers an account that has not been logged in by anyone for the last 6 months) . The other two older houses should be refreshed manually by clicking on the owner / co-owner / friend of the house on the house sign or opening the door.
    b) If the account is no longer active, but will not be deleted – the home assigned to the account (automatically refreshed) will be condemned after which it will be demolished, so that provide other players the opportunity to put their own home in this space.
    c) The mechanism of access to players’ private buildings using keys, known from older eras, has been restored on the server. If you have a key to the building, it can easily open the door to it, so it is so important to keep an eye on your key, provide copies of it only to trusted people and replace the locks (option on the house sign) in case of loss of a copy of the key.
    d) Teleporters in players’ buildings are available to all people who have found their way into the building. Therefore, it is recommended to place them only in closed zones.
    e) The mechanism of blocking access to the foundations / stairs of the house for characters other than those with the Owner / Coowner / Friend status has been deactivated on the server. Thus, all people can freely enter the house, unless it has been secured with walls / closed doors, etc.
    f) The option of banning players from the building space by the owners etc of a given building has been deactivated. The kick option remains active.

    5. Character development
    After consultations within the gamers’ community – the server has an original character development mechanism that combines the official rules with the mechanics used on the good old first edition of the shard. Its functioning is based on:
    a) different levels of learning difficulty for individual skills, depending on the current level of possession of a given skill;
    b) functioning on the server of the bonus (guaranteed) gain in the absence of training / offline character (according to the table available here here).
    c) Statistics – the daily growth limit is set at 60 total statistics points / real day.

    6. Blessing and items insurance
    a) in order to influence the elimination – over time – of items covered by permanent insurance from the game world (which is to stimulate trade and craftsmanship related to the necessity of successive restoration of equipment), we introduced – regardless of the payment in gold for insuring the item (rates depending on the level of enrichment item), an additional mechanism for losing a random number of durability points and the maximum durability for weapons, armor and clothing with such parameters with each subsequent insurance of a given item of equipment (e.g. as a result of death).
    b) regardless of the standard insurance, in order to protect the elements of your equipment, the player’s character can use the benefits of bless deed, cloth bless deed, which can be obtained from time to time in the game (e.g. as a rare loot from Champions) or, for example, purchased from another player for the deposited gold pouches. Such an act allows for permanent protection of a given item (which obtains the blessed status), without any further charges, with a reduced – compared to standard insurance – loss of durability and maximum durability in the event of the player’s death. Such acts, however, are the goods most often used on a critical element of players’ equipment due to their rarity and great interest in them. It is worth noting that each of such acts has a slightly different purpose and sometimes also exceptions in use (e.g. the act of blessing clothing – Clothing Bless Deeds, cannot be used on clothing with magical properties).
    c) some types of weapons / armor (in particular, some artifacts from loot on bosses or receipts) – can be blessed as a base (you do not need to additionally protect them from loss or theft);
    d) in the game world you can also find equipment with the “cursed” status, which, although it is sometimes valuable in the context of being saturated with magic, cannot be insured or blessed with an act of blessing until the curse is removed with a special act or by making a sacrifice to dark priests. Cursed items are characterized by higher – than in the case of insured and blessed items – durability and maximum durability losses in the event of the death of a Player Character.
    The value of the indicated losses of durability and maximum durability on a scale from the highest to the lowest:
    – cursed item – impossible to insure and blessing without removing the “cursed” status (higher durability and maximum durability losses after death);
    – insured item – possible to be covered by insurance and with a blessing status (loss of durability and maximum durability – after death – at an intermediate level);
    – blessed item – impossible to be covered by insurance due to the higher level of protection (loss of durability and maximum durability – after death – at the lowest level);

    7. NPC Vendors/Residents
    a) NPC vendors buy Player products and some loot using the advanced buy / sell economy mechanism (the prices and quantities of goods offered and the purchase prices may change depending on the scale of demand and supply on the NPC-Players line);
    b) NPC vendors do not offer any basic production resources. This is to increase the potential sales and income of players who acquire them in the game world;
    c) Residents of Cities (NPC Citizens and Vendors) do not carry in bags of gold. This is to counter the easy earnings of robbing or killing such characters due to the fact that on our server, attack on the NPC and kill outside the city does not result in counting murders (this is counting only for killing other innocent players). We would also like to remind you that such an attack on the NPC in the guarded area may trigger the intervention of the municipal guard.

    8. Magic and spells
    a) There are travel spells in the game world: Recall, Sacred Journey and Gate Travel, which are used for a magical journey between world locations – but these spells do not work in dungeons and on the Lost Lands continent. Moving between certain continents requires the use of public moongates. The other forms of travel are, of course, the journey “from the shoe” and on top, and through the already indicated public moongates / teleporters located in various parts of the game world.
    b) Telekinesis does not work on locked or trapped chests.
    c) Marking spell does not work in dungeons, Lost Lands, and the New Haven region.
    d) Spells that cause damage regardless of the level of magic resistance (direct damage spells) – work in cities;
    e) A Lower Reagent Costs properities with 100 value give a Player a 75% chance of saving magic ingredients when casting spells. To initiate a spell, however, it is necessary to have the ingredients required for this spell each time.

    9. Abilities, tools and equipment
    a) All gear, including fishing rods, herding crooks, scissors and axes, used in the harvesting process have a certain number of uses. Using the possessed weapons for a similar purpose (e.g. for gathering meat, shaving sheep) results in classifying it as a tool and assigning it a certain number of uses, exhausting of which results in the destruction of the item.
    b) People looking for happiness and fortune by searching for treasure chests (through treasure maps), chests in dungeons, in the wilderness, in cities, must be aware that all such chests are secured with traps sometimes and protected by various, dangerous creatures. The method for traps is to have the ability to detect hidden and the ability to disarm traps (remove trap). We also recommend treasure hunters to have a high level of health and resistance to certain types of magic damage.
    c) If the Tinker fails to create trap, he always takes damage, often very high.
    d) The Arms Lore ability, provides an additional resistance bonus when creating armor and weapons of exceptional quality (1% for every 12.5 skill points). The maximum bonus from this ability is 8% for Grandmaster level.
    e) There is no minimum skill level and character lifetime on the server – to join the Thieves Guild and thus gain the opportunity to steal from other players. Murdering another player does not result in expulsion from the Thieves’ Guild, thus the murderer can hide his identity during an attack by using the Disguise Kit that temporarily changes the name and appearance of the character.
    f) The Detect Hidden ability is not passive.
    g) The raw materials obtained from the Felucca continent are doubled. In addition, within the Feluccia continent, there is an additional 1000 points bonus to the Luck parameter.
    h) Treasure maps cannot be found by fishing and the chance of a fisherman catching a bottle with an SOS message has been slightly lowered.
    i) The use of the Taste Identification ability creates a risk that the food under test will be consumed in excess (bad luck if it was poisoned).
    j) Using the following skills does not reveal the hidden character: Snooping, Detect Hidden, Item Identification, Anatomy, Arms Lore, Animal Lore, Evaluate Intellect, Forensics Evaluation and Poisoning;
    k) newly created runebooks do not have blessed status by default. In the game world, however, you can get a special act – Runebook Bless Deed – that allows you to bless a runebook (a rare item looted by champions and other particularly strong creatures). Also a recall rune cannot be insured or blessed;
    l) there is a mechanism for identifying items on the server. All items with magical properties, which are not quest rewards, starting items, player-made products or purchased from NPC merchants, have the status “Unidentified” by default. In order to identify the hidden parameters of such an item, use the Item Identification ability or the identification wand on it;
    m) all artifacts from the group of weapons, armor, jewelry, clothing, etc. functioning in the game world have a reduced maximum level of durability to 120-125 points. This change is related to activities aimed at increasing the competitiveness of products created by players with the use of various resources and rune tools, in relation to the loot obtained from creatures in the game world.

    II. Custom / Additional Systems

    1. Modified City Guards System and Crooked Guards
    In our world, city guards that keep order in protected regions react differently than on official servers. They do not deal immediate death (instant kill) to players’ characters who have committed forbidden acts, but appear in the vicinity of such a character – on victim or witness call – trying to defeat the villain. This one, however, with a bit of cunning, can escape the keepers of order, which introduces a new depth to the game and significantly increases the possibilities of interactions arising from evil misdeeds (e.g. theft).
    In addition, the zones of public moongates, used to move between continents and regions of the game world – are not included in the guard zone and players’ characters moving through such gates reach their destination – as revealed (not hidden).
    In addition, in some cities of the game world, there are corrupt guards who will help you remove the records of murders from the books for the right purse of gold. This does not, however, affect any rewards imposed on your head under the Headhunter System (see below).

    2. HeadHunter System
    The Headhunter System has been implemented on the server. As part of the mechanics of this system, any murder victim can offer a reward for the murderer’s head. The reward for the head of a defeated villain is collected – by giving the head – to NPC Bounty Hunters. In addition, there is a special board in the game world that allows you to obtain information about the characters of the Players, for whose heads the reward was assigned along with its amount. In addition, in the event of applying a prize on the head of a given Player, information about it is displayed to all logged in – at this point – in the game world.
    Details of the system can be found under this link .

    3. City Invasion System
    As part of the City Invasion System on the server – at any time – you’ll be able to expect the Dark Army and its champions to hit any city. The area of ​​the city affected by the attack – loses the protection of municipal guards. The cleverness and perversity of the lords of the dark makes it impossible to predict where and when the impact may occur, although in the event of an attack, news of this will be transmitted to all players through Town Criers.

    4. Arena, Tournaments and PvP Leagues system
    A very advanced System of Arenas, Tournaments and PVP Leagues has been operating on the server. It allows initiating duels between players as well as tournaments with prizes (including e.g. fees and sponsorship) and even playing entire multi-round PvP leagues. Its description can be found here.

    5. PvP Ranks, Statistics and Awards
    With the launch of this system, each player has been given the option of using on another player (and his own) [pvpstats command, which will generate a window with information about PvP statistics, the current character rank and the number of points collected. There will also be PvP leaderboards in the game world, where you will be able to track information about all characters in the game world – with the option of displaying the best PvP player leaderboard etc.
    However, this is not all. PvP Award Stones will also be located in the game world, where you can exchange your PvP points for various grants. These grants will also be successively changed, so that this system will be for you – permanently – worthy of attention.

    6. Casinos System
    There are casinos in the game world where players can place various bets and play slot machines to try their luck and get a fortune or various unique items. There are also reports displaying information about the top prize winners and an additional table of the best results in TurboSlots. Top prize winners – receive special casino membership cards that give them access to the most exciting elements of the casino offer.

    7. Achievements System
    We also implemented something on the server that was very lacking in the basic version of UO – System of Achievements. Each player character can strive for gaining in the game more achievements from the list of over 600, each of which is awarded with a certain number of points. You can find a sketch of this system here.
    Additionally, for each achievement, the Player receives an amount of Sovereigns equal to the half of the number of Achievement Points earned for the achievement. These sovereigns can be used to obtain unique items and options available in the UO Store in the game and in the Donation System, or – spend during auctions of unique items.

    8. Vampirism, Lycanthropy and Other Diseases
    On our server, you can get sick with various diseases that affect different aspects of the character’s functioning (with the possibility of being cured) and you even get a chance to contract vampirism or lycanthropy. This proprietary mechanism introduces many new aspects to the game, significantly affecting the way the environment is perceived in the game world. Damage from garlic, sun and silver, or night transformations into a werewolf are just cherries on a truly tasty cake 🙂

    9. Advanced crafting, cooking, beekeeping, ranching, agriculture and other
    On our server there is a huge crafting (and not only crafting) add-on, including farming, ranching, beekeeping, brewing, wine and juice production, or advanced cooking, along with new types of food and drink recipes that guarantee additional, temporary bonuses to statistics and skills, when consumed by the Player’s character. This addition includes a few hunderds of custom recipes and almost 1000 files that turn upside down (positively) this – so forgotten by the developers – area of game mechanics.
    More information about the expansion can be found for example at this link.

    10. Witches and witchcraft
    There is also a witchcraft mechanism on our shard. In the game world, you can encounter witches brewing broths, most often in areas where young witches have been seen. By defeating such a witch skilled in creating potions, you can obtain a special book and – with luck – also recipes for creating brews and meals corrupted by dark magic. Their consumption will provide you or your recipients with additional benefits in the form of periodic increases in statistics or skills – depending on the type of brews/meals.

    11. System of Factions and Ethics competing for cities (Chaos / Order)
    On the server, we have also implemented the Faction System known from Origin Era – taking into account the Ethics (Chaos / Order). The players can therefore join one of the four Factions and start a great competition for military and economic control over individual cities. Further details about this System can be found at this link.

    12. The system of city loyalty, reputation, noble titles, trade between cities, mayors of cities
    An advanced system of city reputation and loyalty has been implemented on the Felucca continent. It provides many attractions, including the possibility of performing commercial transactions between cities, gaining noble titles within individual cities and even the option of being elected mayor. You will find more about the principles of the system here and here.

    13. New castles, keep projects and classic houses
    The possibility of having completely new and modernized fortress / castle designs (through the use of house tool) was implemented on the server. Some buildings are much more largest and expensive than existing castles. At the same time, the option of placing new empty stands in the game world was deactivated (leaving buildings with classical architecture), which is to improve the aesthetics of the world and limit their placement – for a relatively low price in gold – only to block the given slots. Presentation of project dumps of new large buildings at the links: here and here.

    14. A dye shop in city of Britania
    The server has also activated the author’s mechanism for coloring your clothing with unique dyes available only at Fabric Dyeing in Britain (in exchange for a specific amount of gold taken from a backpack or directly from the bank of your characters). You can find a description of the mechanics here.

    15. Advanced Camping and Outposts
    Camping has always been an underused skill in UO, and the goal of the changes is to make this ability more useful. To achieve this effect, temporary bonuses have been added for characters that will be in the camp zone with the possibility of its temporary expansion (also with reviving ankh or a bank box), and outpost zones have been introduced that GM can locate around the world, so that qualified campers they could improve them for the benefit of themselves and other players.
    The main functionalities of the new system include:
    1) Campers Maps: these are items that will allow campers to mark the location of camps / outposts that can be returned to later;
    2) Improved campfires: at the level of 70+ of the camping ability, the player will be able to upgrade the camp site, which will allow other people who enter the area to get a temporary stat upgrade.
    3) The possibility of expanding the camp and outposts: outposts, similar to the camps abandoned by players, initially have the status of “abandoned” and look like extinguished campfires. A player with 50+ camping ability can start a fire in such a place and set up a post. As a consequence, it will be possible to use certain tools that other players will also be able to use.
    As part of the established posts it is possible to:
    – marking their location (50+ camping) – mark the camper’s map to be able to return to the location later;
    – adding a tent (70+ camping) – this allows players who are within the range of the camp effect to safely log out;
    – adding a temple (90+ camping) – adds ankh, which will allow you to resurrect players;
    – adding a bank box (100 camping) – adds a chest that will allow players to access their bankbox.
    Posts are stable for two hours, then go into “decay” status and then return to “abandoned” status. After the server reset, the facilities will also return to the “abandoned” status.

    16. The new banking system
    The server has a new banking system introduced to the UO with the Time of Legends expansion. For this reason, you will not find, for example, a pile of gold or checks in the bank (they were – at one time – withdrawn games on official servers). All checks and gold tossed into the bank chest are automatically transferred to your game account balance, which gives access to gold to all characters on the Your account. Description of the new system you can find here and more detailed to this page of Stratics.

    17.Ultima Store
    The Ultima Store module has been also implemented on the server, allowing the exchange of sovereigns collected under the Donation and Achievement System for various virtual rewards. Details about the donation can be found in the Donation Module of our Website.

    18. Pet Training System
    – the Pet Training System was implemented on the server – according to the official game rules. Details can be found at this address;
    – Bonding status of your pet is not possible by traditional storing it in the stable and feeding it for 7 days. In the game however, there is a Bonding Potion (as a rare loot from stronger creatures – including bosses, or as a reward for gathered sovereigns from Achievements), which allows you to bond your dream pet and his resurrection in the event of death .

    19. Rares Hunter System
    The Rares Hunter System was also implemented on the server, similar to the Daily Rares mechanism known from OSI but with a wider range of prizes. Tips for finding rare items, look for a new NPC – Rares Hunter in cities and around some cities. If any of the players prevails in searching for a given item, its acquisition will be possible only after the next reset of the game server;

    20. Town Stealables
    The fans of burglary, robbery, etc. should be satisfied with this system. In the cities of our server, both in the houses and shops and workshops of the NPCs, there are chests from which you can steal basic items, tools, some raw materials and sometimes even rarer items. These boxes are basically closed. Getting to them requires the use of lockpicking skills and the theft of the object itself – the use of stealing ability. Useful – not only to acquire different subjects, but also to train your skills. However, we recommend attempting to break into crates and steal out of NPC sight, which can call on towns guards.

    21. Ingame chat
    On the server there is a global chat where you can talk to other players and guild huts dedicated to members of these formations. You can get access to the global chat by entering a comma [,] in the 2D version or selecting the chat (channel) option in the chat management window (Enhanced client).

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