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Ultima Continents Maps

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Below is the current map of the Felucca continent with the dungeon locations marked.
In the event of any changes in this respect, the map will be updated on an ongoing basis. I would like to remind you that by the decision of the players themselves on our server, the Malas continent does not function and the entrances to the dungeons of this region have been transferred to other existing continents (mainly Felucca).

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Link to the map:

In addition, I also provide links to other maps of WarCry: Britannia continents and start location – New Haven (they are also available in the Galeries tab).

New Haven (start location):

Link to the map:!BjYRXS6L!_90tlRa89GEuNQ_PrfRbkd9t3dfmT4Cke0TfyFzg4Ks

Lost Lands:

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Link to the map:


Link to the map:!AjRBUabI!HQP1z4VG7_zuBjT8uhneFihj2HtZENmbUtW_6ZxdElc


Link to the map:!giRFGAQA!_W_XSc8CRuwdp_fSaBh9fu8GmTmzMBN—C6njP0oV0


Link to the map:!RmIjkAhI!ls7wJQdCHG5V_EwVh6tbmp9OoS4hjXzhQW7VxQWb66I


Link to the map:!8nBzDaoB!ut_GBjceKfP7ajX1Yf6lmbkldnSqBhu8IsZnIXXc8Cs

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