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How to play Conan Exiles – WarCry: Hyboria server

Post has published by Fenris

Below we present a short guide on how to connect to our Conan Exiles – WarCry: Hyboria server:

1. Download and install Conan Exiles on our computer in the required, updated version (we do not require the Isle of Siptah expansion). The game can be purchased digitally on the Steam platform . The original version of the game is required to connect to our server.

2. We start the game by selecting the option without BattlEye (which, unfortunately, often causes problems when trying to connect to Funcom Live Service that supports logging in to our server)

3. After starting the game, go to the list of PvP servers by searching for the WarCry Hyboria server on it, select it (you can also select it as your favorite server) and log in to the game.

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