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    The system was implemented on the UO server on June 14, 2018

    Do you remember the first Moongate? Golden times. So far, I remember with nostalgia moments when I started my game with scripts, when the first players started to live in our server, when together with you years back, we went the road that led us to the name of the largest server UO in Poland.

    At the very thought, a man becomes a dozen years younger.

    But, but … I fumbled for some time after the first Moongate files and found a lot of curiosities – including some very cool systems. In particular, my attention was drawn to the Bounty Hunter functioning in old days. I remember him – a brilliant matter, my friends are very nice to remember him. I also.

    Old scripts, created years ago, heavily dusty, with no shard files present. But the idea is brilliant. So much so that I sat down to it, I made one night, a day and BUMMM! It works!

    This joy will not be bought for any money, you pay for the rest with a Mastercard.

    What is the point in the system itself, which once made a sensation and was then quickly withdrawn from official servers? Well, every player who becomes a victim of a murderer (who has more than 4 killings on his account – for less than 4 such status is not received), apart from standard reporting of the murder, he will be able to set a reward for the head of his torturer. The amount of the prize will be limited only by the player’s account balance, because the account will be automatically charged for the reward immediately.

    Information about the imposition of the prize on another player will be communicated to all players by displaying a message in the chat and providing information to the NPC Bounty Hunter awarding payers in all cities of Shard. And here the fun begins – because the first player who kills the sought-for murderer and delivers his head to any of the Bounty Hunter NPCs in any city – will win the prize. And they can be really big money because:

    – receipt of the prize is possible up to 30 days from the date of its designation,

    – each subsequent award assigned to the same murderer, for example by another player, sums up with the one already offered,

    – each subsequent murder concluded with the award designation – resets the counter (30 days)

    Consequently, if any player will avoid being caught for a long time without despising subsequent murders – the reward for his head may grow to astronomical proportions. And boast of such a big reward for your head – Ladies and Gentlemen. In every online game is a prestige that is not enough. In many there are even rankings of such achievements

    The system was implemented together with the update package on 14/06/2018. Currently, the only remaining problem is the lack of full service of Reward boards based on the classic Bulletin Board, which fully work in the 2D version of the game, but do not open in the 3D version (OSI has not yet implemented in 3D version of the correction to the mechanics of displaying the content of classic Bulletin Board – we believe that this will happen soon). However, this does not interfere with the system itself – both in the field of awarding and receiving from the NPC Bounty Hunters.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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