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    for the past two years, together with you we have had a great adventure developing together the community of multiplayer online games (MMOG) in Poland. Every day, we felt your support knowing how wonderful a group of people you are and how much it is worth – together with you – to delve into the wonderful worlds of mmorpg games.

    However, the time has come to – counting on your further support – take another big step forward this time. Because such a step is not only a complex reconstruction of all our websites together with their connection into a modern whole, not only our new domains (including the domain of but also the change of the main brand under which we operate.

    Leaving the convention of the MoonGate brand known in Poland, gathering shards of various online games, we decided to expand the sphere of our activity, wanting to focus on our website as many people who, like us, appreciate playing together on the web. Further development of our new website will take place in this direction, and in this direction we will use a new name for the website (MMOGspot) with a new logo.

    We cordially invite you to use our new site and the possibilities of its resources as well as to encourage – Your Friends – players of various MMOs to use our Forum, Discord, and in case of greater interest in a given game – perhaps also a separate section dedicated to it. We also encourage you to use our servers (UO, LOA, WOW) and in the future – in case of high interest – maybe also servers of other online games.

    We want to follow the path that leads to the goal of creating a large Polish MMO website – with your active cooperation – to which we invite you today.

    Yours forever

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