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Guide – Creating a character in Ultima

Post has published by Fenris

As part of a short introduction,
there are no character classes in Ultima and the abilities of our character are determined by the set of skills and level of their training.
So nothing stands in the way of creating a character suited to such classes as paladin, assassin, hunter or even archmage. But we might as well create a hybrid of characters such as a war mage, shadow warrior or craftsman who knows the sword or magic well. Indeed, in the UO world character development is limited mainly by our imagination.

Regardless of which type of game we chose – Classic 2D or Enhanced 3D version when creating the character we will have to choose the race – [Human, Elf, Gargoyle] (description of the races contains information below) and character gender (a woman can wear any part of the armor, a man only male versions, a woman can ride a Unicorn and a man e.g. Kir-in (Tamer).

At the start we get the opportunity to choose up to four skills and to distribute between them – a maximum of 120 points, while the range of a single starting skill can be from 0 to 50 points.
Personally, we recommend choosing two abilities at 50 points, one at level 20 and one at 0. You will find a description of each skill below.
The maximum sum of all points of possessed skills that can be trained is 720 points, with the basic limit in the game for one of them being 100 points [up to 120 after obtaining the appropriate power scroll].

Each character also has three statistics [Stats]
STR – strength – is responsible for the damage dealt in melee, health points [HP] and the maximum load capacity of the character;
DEX – dexterity – is responsible for the level of endurance [stamina] and supports dexterity-based abilities such as melee and ranged attack speeds, and plays a role in skills such as healing (bandaging speed);
INT – intelligence – is responsible for the level of our magical energy [Mana] and affects magic skills such as spells, also affects the calculation of mana regeneration by some skills such as meditation.
The initial (start) range of statistics is a total of 90 points and the limit of each statistic can be from 10 to 60 points. The final level of statistics separately is max 150 [125 available as you train +25 bonus from your inventory]. In turn, the limit of the sum of all statistics you have is 225 points. Initially and maximum 260 points after gaining the appropriate scrolls of power [power scrolls] + possible bonus for the game time.

Races – racial abilities


Each race has different racial abilities

They can’t tame and ride CuSidhe – this requires an artifact – Cu Pads sandals
as the only race they can tame CuSidhe and mount them immediately
Strong Back
People have an increased capacity above what determines their strength.
As a result, they can carry an additional 60 weight units
Night Sight
Elves always have an active night effect –
Night Sight (they see in the dark)
The powerful wings of the Gargoyle carry them ashore as fast as a galloping horse and give them access to special areas
People regenerate hit points faster than normal.
+2 HP Regeneration
Infused with Magic
Elves have an increased energy resistance limit.
Elf players must continue to increase their actual resistances through normal means (i.e., through equipment and magical effects).
+5 to the energy resistance ceiling (75 in total)
Gargoyles as they lose health gain a bonus to damage dealt
15% to weapon damage max 60% and 3% magic max 12% with every 20% HP lost
People are more likely to find more resources when collecting leather, ores and wood.
Difficult to Track
Elves have an increased chance of passively detecting hidden monsters and enemies.
Master Artisan
Gargoyles have an increased chance of saturation and distribution of magical items when using imbuing
Jack of all Trades
People have basic skill in all abilities, even untrained ones.
20 minimum levels in all skills (not displayed in the skills menu)
Knowledge of Nature
Elves have a better chance of acquiring special resources, such as colored ores during mining or special boards when chopping trees.
Deadly Aim
Gargoyle’s minimum skills in throwing weapons are 20.0.
Gargoyles receive a 5% bonus to the chance of hitting the target
Elves receive a maximum mana bonus.
+20 Increased mana bonus.
Deadly Aim
Mystic Insight
Elves receive a maximum mana bonus.
+20 Increased mana bonus.

Character skills

The skill name is a link to the UOGUIDE website with a description of the skill in English

Chance to hit with a bow or crossbow
(not available for gargoyles)
Universal magic with damage spells, distance travel (Gate Travel) and e.g. healing injuries or poisons
Ability to hide
(any action interrupts the ability)
Chance to hit – stabbing weapons (e.g. daggers)
Evaluating Intelligence
Increases Magera’s spell damage.
Allows you to assess the intelligence of the target along with Anatomy gives you the opportunity to avoid damage just as if we had the combat skill
Developing Hiding Skills
allows you to move unnoticed after using Hide
Mace Fighting
Chance to hit – blunt weapon (e.g. hammers)
Dark magic hurts and curses enemies and resurrects dead servants
Detecting Hidden
Ability to reveal invisible and hidden opponents
Chance of hitting a cut weapon (e.g. swords)
Spirit Speak
Lets see the ghosts of the players.
Activated, it absorbs the power of the dead, healing the Necromancer.
Strengthens Necromancy spells
Opening the locks with a lockpick
Chance to hit with a thrown weapon (e.g. boomerang)
Powerful magic that deals strong damage one target or a small area
Spell power depends on Focus or Imbuing
Remove Trap
Disarming traps on containers
Chance to hit during melee
Powerful arcana magic has reinforcement spells in its arsenal and many area spells. Able to resurrect the Arkanaist after a whirlwind
Arcane Focus affects spell power
Peeking into the player’s backpack or NPC
Necessary when trying to steal
Accelerates the regeneration of stamina and mana
It also strengthens the spells of Mysticism (regardless of your armor)
Increases passively Mana regeneration
You can activate this ability to significantly speed up regeneration
This ability gives us a chance to get it special decorations by stealing items in some dungeons / undergrounds [dungeon]
To rob another player you have to join the Thiefs guild 
Ability to block blows with a shield
Resisting Spells
Increases our magic resistance and weakens the negative effects of spells
Chance to negate the effect of e.g. curse, paralysis and weakens the duration of these spells
It allows you to poison weapons as well as food
Increases damage from combat skills
Tactics are required to use special attacks
Magic of the Paladins, supports battle skills in close and long range combat.
Allows you to move with runes and gives you the opportunity to remove curses, poisons and reviving fallen comrades.
Is based on the Karma level.
increases damage when attacking with melee and long-range weapons.
Increases the amount of Healing damage healed.
Also required to heal poison and revive another player with bandages. It also allows you to assess the strength and dexterity of your opponent.
Path of Samurai, the skills of this school allow you to increase your battle skills and survival in melee and ranged combat.
We will also have spells that will allow us, for example, to reflect the enemy’s spells.
Ability to treat bandages.
At 80 Healing and Anatomy, he resurrects his allies.
Path of Assassin – most skills require Hiding and Stealth skills,
thanks to them it allows you to create deadly combos to attack from covert and deal a lot of damage as well as running into the shadows or transforming into different animals.
Each combat skill (weapon and non-combat) gives you a chance to hit but also to dodge enemy attacks.Imbuing
Magical complement to the craftsman.
It allows you to apply magical properties to weapons and armor, and works like Focus for Mysticism
Animal Taming
Oswajanie zwierząt – pozwala na szkolenie petów (Animal Training)
Z czasem nasz pupil może stać się potężna bestią bojową
Preparation of magic potions:
healing, increasing statistics, providing temporary invisibility, poisons, etc.
Arms Lore
Strengthens artisan weapons and armor.
Increases the chance of producing exceptional quality armor or weapons.
Animal Lore
Knowledge of animals allows you to evaluate them before taming.
Provides control over our pet.
Strengthens Veterinary ability.
Forging weapons and armors from various metal ores as well as dragon scales etc.
begging from the NPC.
Healing and then resurrecting our pet.
To resurrect pet he must have the status of Bonded.
Bowcraft & Fletching
Manufacture of bows, crossbows and ammunition for them.
Lighting a campfire.
The fire can be a source of heat when cooking.
Provides limited control over untamed animals.
Creating wooden products – furniture, boxes etc.
Forensic Evaluation
Lets see who robbed the body.
The ability to see traces left by players and animals / monsters.
Prepared dishes can have a positive effect on the player’s character.
Similar to Alchemist’s potions.
Item Identification
Identification of items properties.
Over time, it is possible to catch a treasure chest, rare fish and other items.
Creating and reading maps.
Useful for treasure hunters.
Taste Identification
Checking food.
It allows you to detect poison.
The basis of Bard’s ability.
Increases the chances of the bard’s song acting on the enemy (Discordance, Peacemaking, Provocation).
It allows you to manufacture various equipment from the metallurgy department, as well as parts such as
tools, jewelry, keg spigot, watch components, etc.
You’ll also create traps with this skill.
Bard weakens monster / animal combat and defense skills.
Extracting ore and smelting it into bars used by the blacksmith and tinker.
Bard’s music puts the enemy in a “sleep” state.
We can also embrace a whole bunch of monsters with sleepy music, but it works shorter.
It allows you to cut down trees by obtaining wood for the carpenter and foreman (tinker).
It also adds a bonus to damage from Swordsmanship ability.
Bard can provoke opponents to attack each other.
It allows you to make clothes / garments – leather and bone.

Character creation in the Enhanced 3D version

after logging in we will see such a screen – on it click CREATE


which will show the character card. In this window we will choose the race and gender of the character


in the next tabs are located:
– Profession – fere you will find some examples of professions in Ultima Online (recommended for those starting their adventure in this game). For more advanced users, I recommend going to the Customize section and choosing the skills and stats that interest us.
– Appearance – in this window, we will select the appearance of our character in simple windows with right and left arrows
– Location – in this window we can see one of the world maps and our “Birthplace” place. We miss this point
– Create – in this window, we see a summary of our character and we can choose his name

The last step is to click the NEXT arrow and start the game.
I wish you a successful adventure and pleasant impressions in this legendary world which is Ultima Online

It is recommended to log in to our DISCORD chat where other players will be happy to provide important tips.

Character creation in the Classic version – 2D

If there is no character in the Account, the character wizard will appear immediately after logging in


Then we choose our character’s abilities from ready patterns or Click the circle with Ultima logo described ADVANCED in order to choose the character according to our preferences


In the ADVANCED window, select Skills by clicking on the field with the words click here, then their value and statistics by moving the value balance (requires some patience because moving one value affects another)

In the next window we see one of the world maps and our place of “Birth”. We miss this point

And so we were “born” in the New Haven (start city)
I wish you a successful adventure and pleasant impressions in this legendary world which is Ultima Online

It is recommended to log in to our DISCORD chat where other players will be happy to provide important tips.

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