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WarCry: Britannia – Basic Game Manuals

Post has published by Fenris

Below, we provide a link to the game manual describing the basic rules of the game on the WarCry: Britannia server – based on the Second Age and Renaissance expansions. I would like to remind you at this point that these instructions apply only to the classic version of the client and do not describe the Enhanced version of the game that can be used on our server – and which at the time of publication of these manuals was not yet implemented by the developers of Ultima.

We provide you with links to two versions of the manual – the first, from the Second Age expansion, and the second – from the Renaissance expansion, which complements and extends the SA version.

Manual for the UO version of the game with the Second Age expansion:

Ultima Online Second Age Manual

Manual for the UO version of the game with the Reinessance expansion:

Ultima Online Renaissance Manual

We recommend that everyone read these manuals, because the specifics and mechanics of the game from Origin Era are fundamentally different from the way the game was played in expansions released in subsequent years.

Additionally, we present a link to PDF Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – the official guide published by Prima in cooperation with Origin for Ultima Online in the Second Age version. There you will find a lot of additional information expanding the knowledge about the game world, not available in the basic manuals.

Ultima Online Prima’s Official Strategy Guide

Link to download the guide – click here.

In addition, you can also refer to resources available on the Internet, e.g. on the UO Stratics portal or UO Guide. However, you must be sensitive to the publication time of the information contained on individual pages of these websites, because if you want to explore the mysteries of knowledge from the Second Age and Renaissance additions, you must rely on modules and resources updated according to status for 1998-2002 (last update dates in the footers of subpages)

All the above-mentioned sources do not include the extensions of the game world content operating on our server, and planned to be successively described on separate pages of the website.

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