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MoonGate joined the Legends of Aria project

Friends, Dear Players
I’m very pleased to inform you that today MoonGate joined the project of a new mmo game, hailed as Ultima Online 2 – Legends of Aria ( Not without a second anyway, because this item in many issues refers to Ultima and works on it, among others a team of former creators of this game.

Under the acquired license of the publisher, we are planning to launch the first test server in Poland in the coming days, around which the growing number of UO communities around the world is concentrated. The server, immediately after launching, will be registered in the creator database of the game – Citadel Studios and made available to you for exploration with the possibility of reporting bugs that will be successively passed to creators as part of an internal pre-alpha forum from around the world.

Currently, the game is in alpha 2 phase, but joining the program allows us to test this mmo now. Each player who has acquired a game’s usable gaming license (see – will also be able to join the joint tests and games on MoonGate: Legends of Aria.

We reserve that due to the ongoing work on the game, our test server may not be open 24h / day, but we will try to make it as active as possible. The publisher does not exclude the possibility of wipe some elements of the game in the course of the transition from alpha to beta and before release, in particular if it is necessary due to extensive changes in databases of individual clusters and shards in connection with constantly developing server software.
Below are sample videos from the game:

Trailer PAX East 2017


Arcanima Server Event

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