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Information about the Final Alpha Moongate: Aria

following the latest information regarding the release date of the Final Alpha Legends of Aria version, I inform that the publisher today – confirming the date of providing us with server encryption (ie September 28) – informed that a new version of the cluster connecting our server to the Citadel Studios network will be included for potential testers only on 2-3 October this year. Thus, it is only on those days that it will be possible to log into our server for people outside the administration.

The time between September 28 and October 2-3 will be used to eliminate potential critical errors in the provision of new server coding, even before compressing with the Citadel Studios network.

Below is a fragment of the information received in this case:

We plan to list your server on Monday or Tuesday following the Final Alpha launch. We want time to fix any critical issues before we connect your server to our network.

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