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The MoonGate test server has been launched: Legends of Aria in the Final Alpha version

We just launched the official launch of the MoonGate test server: Legends of Aria in the Final Alpha version.

Our cluster and server received – just like before – No. 1 within the network of the Game Publisher – which makes it easy to find / identify.

Logging on to the server requires having purchased a game client license (only those who have a game license can log in to the Citadel network and our server), and download the game itself in version 0.5.1b (links below):

Subpage of buying the game 

Client of Legends of Aria – version Final Alpha 0.5.1b

After logging into the game – in the server selection panel, enter the following in the “adress” field:

and press the connect button.

You will be transferred to the test window of character creation and then – after creating it – to the selection map of the starting location (currently two).

The server software is in the phase of intensive work of the Publishers, we will receive further packages of patches on a regular basis, while we will provide the Publisher with information about errors we have noticed and reports received from you regarding both errors and instability of particular locations in the game world.

Due to the fact that the game is still in the Alpha phase and its current shape, mechanics, the world in which it rolls and even graphics, is not the final version of the trade please your understanding of any errors, inconveniences or lack of optimization of graphics. So far – due to ongoing tests – it is displayed at lower resolutions.

See you in Celador 🙂

We cordially invite you!

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