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MoonGate on the official Citadel Studios server list

I am eager to inform you that from today on, our server appears on the official, public (for players from around the world) list of Celador worlds, led by the creator of the game – Citadel Studios and displayed after logging into the game during the official phase of Final Alpha tests. To enter our world, select [EU] Aria MoonGate in the server list and press connect in the server detail window.

After the final phase of the final Alpha test, the list of servers will probably be temporarily deactivated (until the official Beta Test phase), although in the period between these phases will still be possible access to our server.

For this purpose, after logging into the game – on the server selection panel, the following should be entered in the “adress” field:

and press the connect button.

We cordially invite you to test the game in the world of Legends of Aria!Post comment

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