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Beta 1 Legends of Aria version – already in January

We are pleased to announce that already in January 2018, Legends Of Aria on the MoonGate server will enter the development phase Beta 1.

Entering this stage will mean a lot of variety in the game world. The introduction of two new large cities – Helm and Pyros, will not only increase the server’s capacity, but will enrich the general character of the Southern Borderlands and Eastern Border areas. Together with Citadel Studios, we focus on dividing the world into smaller areas with visually diverse zones. Together with administrators from around the world, we develop character concepts for each of these areas to bring our common world to life in completely new ways.

Beta 1 is also a few new initiatives on the side of game mechanics. Optimization works are ongoing in terms of character movement and NPCs to make it look smoother. The new System of Fame should encourage players to engage in various types of behavior – in a captivating and satisfying manner. There are planned far-reaching improvements in the area of ​​horse-fighting, while developing the possibility of melee combat. The character development methodology will be modernized to ensure gentler progress, while encouraging skirmishes with creatures closer to their own skill level – instead of fighting with an opponent who does not require a greater challenge.

Changes in the game will also include the character’s interface. We continue to strive to create a graphically minimal user interface that will provide a wide spectrum of possibilities. In November, work on the graphic concept of the new LoA UI skins, which allows you to undertake work on transforming the game windows in a way that ensures their more attractive appearance.

While waiting for beta 1, we encourage you to log in and test the game in the Final Alpha phase.

Road Map Beta 1:

  • New, extensive game areas in the Southern Borderlands and Eastern Border zones
  • Enriching the geography of the game world
  • Two new big cities Helm and Pyros
  • Modified catacombs
  • Modifications of the player’s and NPC’s movement, changes in the path of development
  • Enriching the storyline of the game world
  • New System of Fame
  • Expansion of UI HUD mechanics and new LoA UI skins

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