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Beta 2 MoonGate: Aria – Update!

Update: Due to the need for additional work by Citadel Studios within the server-cluster mechanics, a stable, new version of the LOA server will be available to the Players only for a few additional days (Citadel pointed to the weekend or the beginning of next week). Until then, it is planned to remove also the main majority of errors revealed in internal tests.

Starting the version of the Closed Beta 2 server connected to the new version of the game client will also be associated with the current wipe states of the world (presumably, however, without a wipe character) – what the Publisher himself recommended.

Already on the days we will start a new test phase called Closed Beta 2, reopening the MoonGate gates: Aria for Players. It will have hundreds of patches, new features and … will ensure a completely new look of Legends of Aria.

Citadel Studios have spent the last few weeks on the new version of the client, because they really wanted to surprise us. We hope you enjoy the new graphics and maybe even she will captivate you 🙂

Here is the first image showing the difference, to exacerbate the appetite 🙂

In the new version of the game, however, the focus was not only on the appearance. The update will include hundreds of adjustments as well as the following new features:

* Graphic artistic style upgrade:
– an improved artistic style
– refinement and matching of graphics in large cities and facilities
– new trees and vegetation
– new terrain textures
– realistic night cycle with shadows in real time.

* Crowdfunding and Digital rewards in the game for Founders:
– crowns, coats, furniture sets
– store with loyalty rewards (test)
– retroactive monthly loyalty points awarded to all sponsors and owners of Founder’s Pack.
The player can exchange prizes on beta servers
All prizes and loyalty points will be reset during the last cleaning

* New meeting on the occasion of Awakening CB2 – Big Tree in the Black Forest

* The system of city stores has been rebuilt
Stores in cities have been rebuilt to make it easier to see what is in them for sale
In addition, local shopkeepers will now have limited stock of products

* Atlas
Players do not start with the full map anymore. Regional maps, which can be acquired during the journey, can be added to the Atlas to create a full map of the world over time.

* New, tangible animals

– crocodile, fox, grizzly bears (new graphics and animations) or a big deer (new graphics / animations) are just some surprises 🙂

* New jukes for horses possible for production by manufacturers can be added to mounts to store items
* New original music
* No access codes! The login screen now uses your login to the Citadel Studios website and the password to it 🙂
* Hundreds of patches and improvements in the quality of everyday life for the player’s character

Some of you may read this message, not playing since Closed Beta 1. This is a brief summary of what you have missed since then, as part of subsequent updates:

* Safe trading, including House Trading
* Create orders (Fabrication and Blacksmithing)
– NPCs now commission orders that give craftsmen the chance to get exciting rewards
* Fast journey
– Mages can mark locations and open portals to allow long-distance travel
– other players may use runes to open portals
* Reconstruction of dungeons
– creatures in dungeons were completely redesigned and loot can be obtained to provide a more satisfying experience
* Combat revamp
– huge changes in basic battle calculations and PvP options
– new and improved combat abilities, items that add temporary bonuses (eg dishes) and modified tactics that can be used
* New equipment that provides damage bonuses to monsters of a certain type
* Server optimizations that allow more players to play simultaneously than ever before
* Monsters and NPCs are now more responsive

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Closed Beta 2 will be the last phase of closed beta tests 🙂
See you soon in Celador!

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