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A packet of functional adjustments to the game server kernel – August 28, 2018

I would like to kindly inform you that with today’s short technical break, a package of functional adjustments to its kernel and coding of the world database and the players’ characters has been implemented.

The implemented solutions will improve the functioning of our infrastructure because they will reduce unnecessary transmission of packages and reduce the amount of resources used for the LOA project, without limiting the wide area that the Celador world already offers.

In addition, the expected autorun module was launched on the server in the event of a break in operation, which is a particularly beneficial element in connection with the still disclosed critical errors that may affect the stability of individual world clusters.

In addition, we have modified the mechanics responsible for the behavior of the characters, which – in connection with possible errors in the maps of the world – will be at a point that prevents further movements. Such characters will now be transferred to the last known location of the Player character, allowing normal movement.

In addition, in the last days we have remodeled the game mechanics responsible for BOD, as a consequence of which NPC characters will no longer allocate orders to players for products for which the character of the Player does not have knowledge of the recipe / scheme.

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