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An implementation of Mist of Pandaria on the horizon


shard WoW Moongate turned out to be a great complement to the existing worlds operating within our project. Supplement extremely stable, because from the day of release our server has been functioning without unforeseen interruptions and problems with functionality. This paved the way for further work on the development of shard, which work is rapidly approaching the finish.

I am pleased to inform you about advanced work aimed at implementing the full service on MoonGate of the Mist add-on from Pandaria, which will definitely enrich the content offered to you. Keep your fingers crossed today for the success of your work because it’s really worth it 🙂

The Mists of Pandaria expansion will raise the existing maximum experience level from 85 to 90. A new monk character will be introduced along with a new playable race – the pandaren. The combat system will be rebuilt, which will allow you to fight your companion (pet). New PvE scenarios and new Challenge Mode will be introduced for the instance. The existing 41-point talent trees will be replaced by a new tiered talent system, obtained every 15 levels. New dungeons, rallies and battlefields complete the expansion.

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