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The new version of the game server

I am pleased to inform you about the end of today’s work on the implementation of the development version of the Aria MoonGate server.

They covered the remodeling of the shard database both on the cluster’s and the game’s world’s side, in connection with the planned implementation of new server management mechanisms, before switching to its final version.

On October 10, we plan to transfer all of the data from Aria MoonGate in version 0.7 to version 0.8, which change will be accompanied by simultaneous release by the Publisher of the client in this version – the last before the publication of the retail version.

The most interesting news, however, is the information about the release date of the Steam Early Access game planned for October 4. The premiere of the game is to be accompanied by the final wipe on all social servers – including MoonGate.

At the beginning of October, Citadel will also reveal its plans for nearby changes – including within the players’ buildings and the separation of land ownership from homes, which will open up completely new opportunities for the more extensive player markets in the game. There will also be a new, exciting PvE mission system to provide more opportunities to all those who want to earn more experience points.

The next changes are also new bosses in the world of Celador, revised tables of loot and many, many more novelties!

Knowing the assumptions of all planned changes, we believe that your patience and loyalty to LOA will be rewarded, both figuratively and literally!

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