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Update package – UO server – 06/01/2019

We would like to kindly inform you that next Sunday – January 6, 2019 – between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM – there will be a technical break in the functioning of UO MoonGate shard to implement the patch packet for server scripting.
We apologize for the inconvenience of a technical break and thank you for your understanding.

List of corrections:
– Jewelry Box implemented on the server (more at this link)
– the mechanics of the operation of Mistical Polymorph Totem have been corrected, removing the errors revealed in this area;
– the mechanics of operation of the Paroxysmus Palace region, including the Paroxysmus Altar, have been adapted to the current OSI / EA principles, and the territorial scope of the region’s rules has also been revised (by also covering the gates area);
– revealed errors in the operation of the Peerless Altars and the mechanics of Chief Paroxysmus;
– updated message to the current UO rules of messages displayed to players during interaction with the Ministers of Trade and Mysterious Note support within the Loyality City System, this is another amendment prior to the implementation of this system on the Felucca continent of our Shard (OSI operated in Trammel cities);
– Trade Crates coding has been modified before the planned deployment of the bestial Krampus and its hordes to the server;
– the first package of files foreseen for the functionality of the new Dynamic Quest System was implemented;
– new types of hair and beards have been implemented for the players’ form, as a complement to the HAB (Hair and Beard) Promotional Token functionality;
– The Hovering Wisp has been corrected, this item will no longer require a recipe to create, and the recipe itself will no longer be available as a reward for completing Hearthwood quests;
– adjustments were implemented to eliminate the remaining discrepancies detected in the Shrine of Singularity against EA / OSI;
– the mechanics of the Sacrifical Altar operation have been adapted to the current rules of the game (Endless Legend);
– weaving tools will change from now on the color of fabrics made considering the color of the threads used by the player;
– the effects of the Gift of Life bonus will be displayed on active buffs during its operation, also after logging out and re-logging into the game;
– Attuned weapon will now correctly absorb damage, including the resistance test – according to the official rules of the game;
– the mechanics of loss of stamina for creatures / animals have been corrected, by eliminating the doubled records in this area after the changes contained in the update of December 21, 1028;
– optimizing the coding of the player vendor search engine by deleting records referring to the rules that are no longer used.
– Cold Drake training abilities – a rare pet possible to obtain in the course of treasure hunts, adapted to the current official rules of the game;
– a small surprise package is implemented, which will soon be on your account in the game;
– the recipe book has been supplemented with the missing property blessed;
– Stygian Drake will no longer lose 50% of his stats after being tamed by the player;
– Carpenter’s tool – Carpentry Satchels will now receive a 1/500 chance of dropping a random deed on an Elfician piece of furniture;
– the runic chance of drop using Craftsman Satchel has been set at the current OSI / EA policy level;
– The Daily Rares system has been supplemented with missing items and adapted to the current OSI mechanics, with the proviso that their spawn at the MG will be generated after each technical reset due to the fact that we do not use our daily technical breaks. Also some static objects so far removed from the game world, where Dailes will appear from now on;
– the color of the Paroxysmus Dragon Swamp hull was set to OSI / EA compliant;
– the mechanics of the weapon’s effects have been complemented by properly functioning effects of Hit Leech;
– the coding responsible for the operation of Interior Decorator has been supplemented with missing messages and functionalities in relation to parts of the player’s houses building elements;
– implemented previously unavailable items on the OSI – White Leather Dye Tub, Enormous Venus Flytrap, Harpsichord, Iron Gate, Santa Stattue, Customizable Rounded Door Mat, Customizable Squared Door Mat, Customizable Wall Sign, Spike Head, Picnic Blanket, Deed for a Roasting Pig on Spit, Pulled Pork Platter, Pulled Pork Sandwitch, Blue Marble Fireplace, Gold Marble Fireplace, Green Marble Fireplace, Claw Foot Tub, Staghorn Fern, Crystal Skull, Jade Skull, Obsidian Skull, Spiked Egg Nog;
– the possibility of feeding tame animals by giving them Pet Parrot was activated.

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