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The first lottery in New Magincia was settled

We are glad to inform you about the settlement of the first lottery for places under cottages within the New Magincia market. Today, an automatic draw was carried out during which – out of those who acquired lots in the lottery – winners were drawn. Congratulations and we advise you to read the content of A Writ of Lease, confirming the right to a seat – which should go to your backpacks.


If a house is not placed on the purchased spot, according to the rules of the lottery, it will return to the pool of points available for purchase in subsequent draws.

Prejudice the questions – due to the fact that not all seats were of interest to the players, we are planning to launch another lottery edition tomorrow for the remaining plots.

In addition, I would like to remind you of the elections of mayors of cities within the Felucca continent that last until 15/03/2019. After the date – yesterday – the deadline for submitting mayoral candidates, nowadays each of the city’s residents can vote for one of the candidates (by clicking the mouse on the stone of the city and choosing the candidate). Interestingly, in some cities, only one person came forward to run for the mayor’s seat, and there are also such cities – where nobody did it. So if you want to deal with such a responsible office, I recommend a trip around the cities to see the situation 🙂

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