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Huge server update available today

As the announced version of the server supporting Mists of Pandaria is still in the middle of our internal testing and work, today we have decided to implement a number of patches and updates prepared for the MOP to the current version of the server based on the Cataclysm add-on. Below is a huge list of changes and corrections, which today was implemented on MoonGate:– Misc & core & db fixes
— Grim Batol:
– General Umbriss no longer turning around when casting Blitz;
– Azureborne Warlord no longer spawned adds by Conjure Twisted Visage are friendly;
– Correct stance (body position) during the shield phase for Forgemaster Throngus;
– Correct movement Valiona Drake;
– Erudax no longer lost his target at Enfeebling Blow;

— Blackrock Caverns
– Burning Heat now used by Conflaguration, instead Karsh;
– Drain Essence no longer stack while corla not in combat;
– Added Ascendant Lord Obsidius Defenders;
– Added prev-event for Ascendant Lord Obsidius with Kaz;
– Firelands is now playable to a small extent. Still requires a lot of rework. Especially Lord Rhyolith;- Fix up typo-mistake that was causing removal of many legit conditions;
– Fixed a map crash;
– Fix possible crash in Black Temple;
– Fix crash in Gilneas;
– Fixed another crash in Gilneas;- Fixed a crash in Halls of Reflection;
– Fixed a crash in Alterac Valley;
– Fixed a possible crash with Shapeshift;
– Fixed crash on Cho’gall;
– Fixed crash in Anublsath;- Fixed some aggro issues;
– Don’t set positionZ to ground for flying creatures;
– Fixed creature_formations. Now the MemberGuids follow the LeaderGUID properly;
– Prevented crossover in formations; 
– Solved an issue with wrong facing for creatures when it’s casting non channeled or triggering spells;- Implemented Mob Fanning;
– Fixed m_idleTimer in creature function;
– Fixed an issue where players would get “Exhaustion” in Twilight Highlands at zone 4922; 
– Fixed some charge issues (pathing);
– Fixed an exploit that allows item spells to be casted without using the item due to spell queue;
– Now upon reaching level 20 as Warlock / Paladin (and Worgen) you’ll learn Apprentice Riding automatically;
– Fixed battleground XP gaining;
– Prevented a possible Instance Crash;
– Fixed Ice Block Glyph;
– Fixed auth exploit;
– Improved Unexpected Results slightly;
– Spells with TARGET_SELECT_CATEGORY_NEARBY requires a valid target;- Fixed possible never ending combat issues;
– Fixed the case where the last player leaving a LFG group would be stuck i nparty when porting out of the instance; 
– Readd players to queue when proposal fails because someone else declined it;
– Fixed LFG GS requirement not updated until relog;
– Fixed Minimum item level in Wotlk heroic dungeons;
– Charge move spline now continuously gets updated;
– Fixed flying master icon;
– Fixed flying master discovery;
– Fixed profession skill value; 
– Fixed a guild issue;- Continue updating creatures that own auras applided to players;
– Updated Test of Faith spell id’s to Cataclysm;
– Fix Bloodthirst Herb, it should apply a con-buff after the pro buff has expired;
– Made Penance a challenging spell;
– Fixed range of Demonic Card;
– Prevented Skull Bash to prevent scenarios where the charge did not happen;- Implemented Experience system on Archeology;
– Implement SetDurationIndex, SetRangeIndex, SetCastTimeIndex;
– Fix quest: Summing Ritual for quest: Black Heart of Flame. No longer says: “You are in the wrong zone”;
– Fix Flame Protection Rune Burst damage in Molten Front;
– Updated Shatter talent to Cataclysm;
– Allow combat with same faction with specific flag extra. Useful for “fake combat events”;
– Prevent Dragon Breath from being cancelled by Flame Orb;
– Decrease a risk at BuyItemFromVendorSlot;
– Fixed player spells with only spellpower scaling doing no damage;- Allow the table waypoint_data to use Takeoff and Land waypoints;
– Improved dead-lock error handling;
– Order group members before creating LFG group (leader > tank > healer > dps);
– Shadow Word Death Glyph reset cooldown fix;
– Fixed a crash with vehicles;- Implemented an ew system (player_text);
– Avoid SendTimeSync spamming in Worldserver;
– Set Guardian’s mana and health to full when initialized their stats;- Update player position after being added to map;
– Fixed a possible pet crash;
– Avoid War Stomp (For quest: War Dance) to target the caster;- Add Frenzy spell-script;
– Added OnRemove for Focus_Fire;
– Fixed an issue with money; 
– make spells castable on spellclick;
– Implemented Smooth Pathing possiblity;
– Fixed pet movement on transports like Zeppelins;
– Rares are now granting extra XP;
– Thonk’s Spyglass can now only be used in the correct zone with the quest;
– Fixed up Battle for Gilneas text strings;
– Fixed up Twin Peaks text strings;
– Avoid quest spell for Striking Back to kill own player;- Improved profession skill learn;
– Improved vehicle behavior;
– Fix T13 2P Healing set for Divine Hymn and Power Infusion;- Load grid on creature teleport and relocate passengers on vehicle teleport;
– Vehicle passenger actions. Added vehicle add/remove passenger actions;
– Items from vendor globally corrected.
– Creature texts. Useful for upcoming scripting and saves a lot of time, or even fixes existing creature text scripts. ~~ 7220 new entries inserted(!). Yes. 7220.
– Fixed quest: Rallying Defender
– Fixed [ Trigore The Lasher Not Tamable]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Defend the Gates!]
– Fixed [[Durotar] The Wolf and the Kodo]
– Fixed [[Durotar] Furious Earthguard Teeming Waterguard]
– Fixed [[Duskwoods] Dawning Wood Catacombs]- Fixed [[Duskwoods] A Curse We Cannot Lift]
– Fixed [ The Westfall Brigade]
– Fixed [ Reins of the Kor’kron Annihilator should Show Only With Correct Rep And Guild Achievements]
– Fixed [ Reins of the Golden King should Show Only With Correct Rep And Guild Achievements]
– Fixed [ Reins of the Dark Phoenix should Only Show With Guild achievement Glory of the Cataclysm Raider]
– Fixed several missing spawns
– Fixed several dungeon fixes.
– Fixed big loot issues- Fixed [[Fishing] No Dumping allowed]
– Fixed [[Cooking] Fungus Among Us]
– Fixed [[Fishing] Fish Head]
– Fixed [ Spelunking Gurrok missing]
– Fixed [ Sacrifices]
– Fixed [ The Land Is in Their Blood]
– Fixed [ Get Me Outta Here!]- Fixed [[Fishing] Capital cities fishing tables]
– Fixed [ Feena Simplesap]
– Fixed [[Cooking] Crawfish Creole]
– Fixed [[Fishing] Time for Slime]- Fixed [[Mulgore] Winterhoof Cleansing]
– Fixed [[Mulgore] Wildmane Totem]
– Fixed [[Fishing] Capital cities fishing tables]- Fixed [[Mulgore] Feed of Evil]
– Fixed [[Mulgore] The Restless Earth]
– Fixed [[Mulgore] Rite of Vision]
– Fixed [[Mulgore] War Dance]
– Fixed [[Mulgore] Rite of Wisdom]- Fixed [[Ashenvale] To The Ramparts!]
– Fixed item reputation requirements on 10 different items.
– Fixed [ Reputation requirement for buying faction satchels.]
– Corrected a quest issue with Warchief’s Blessing in Orgrimmar
– Fixed [[Eversong Woods] [Fishing] loot table bugged]
– Fixed [ Quest Item Potion of shrouding]
– Added missing gameobject box spawn
– Added missing questgiver: Bombardier Captain Smooks
– Added missing creature: Gorek
– Wind Rider Gorsch now looks dizy
– Fixed Talrendis Glaive Thrower casting on general players instead of when the player is mounted on the wind only
– Added missing equipment/Staff to Mariel Dawnsong
– Added missing equipment/weapon to Captain Grunwald
– Fixed [[Azshara] Lightning Strike Assassination]
– Fixed [ Bombardier Captain Smooks Gorek Goblin Detonator]
– Fixed [ Warsong Assault Wind Rider Azshara Bombardier]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Commando Drop]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Blacken the Skies]- Fixed [[Azshara] Rigged to Blow]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Solid Chest]
– Fixed [[Azshara] The Conquest of Azshara]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Extermination]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Airborne Again]- Fixed [[Durotar] An Ancient Enemy]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Mop Up]
– Fixed [ Spitelash Warrior]
– Fixed [ Scalebeard]- Fixed [[Azshara] There Are Many Like It]
– Fixed [ Balboa]
– Fixed [ Pygmy Surf Crawler]
– Fixed [ Azuregos]- Fixed [[Azshara] Profitability Scouting Still Beating Heart]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Head of the Snake]
– Fixed [[Azshara] Fade to Black]- Implemented creature text events to Honor Hold Defender in Hellfire Peninsula
– Spawned two missing creatures: Honor Hold Defender
– Fixed an issue where two NPCS in The Blood Furnace were not selectable
– Fixed duplication spawn of creature: “Cenarion Observer Shayana”
– Improved Fei Fei event in Hellfire Peninsula
– Corrected Flame warden npc
– Improved Quest: “Fel Spirits”
– Fixed quest: “Gauging the Resonant Frequency”
– Fixed the quest: “Planting the Banner”
– Fixed quest: Aiding the Injured- Fixed [Loch Modan] In Defense of the King’s Lands]
– Fixed [Azshara] Azsharite Experiment Number One]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] A Pilot’s Revenge]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Grimaxe’s Demise]
– Fixed [[Ironforge] Find Bingles]
– Fixed [ Varo’then’s Ghost]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Striking Back]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Entombed in Ice]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Dark Iron Scheming]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Extinguish the Fires]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Get to the Airfield]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] The Public Servant]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Strike From Above]
– Fixed [ Akma’hat World Boss]
– Fixed [[Dun Morogh] Reinforcements for Loch Modan]
– Fixed [[Priority][Worgen] Save Krennan Aranas quest=14293]
– Fixed creature not being tameable
– Fixed quest The Wardens are Wathing
– Fixed quest: “Get me Outa Here”
– Fixed quest: “Black Heart Of Flame”
– Fixed quest: The land is in their blood”
– Fixed quest bug regarding dismount not working on Sacrifices.
– Fixed quest: Backed into a corner
– Fixed quest: Wanted: Deathclaw
– Fixed Midsummer event
– Random DB fixes that are not listed here

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